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And here is the 1000th!

The article you are discovering today is the 1,000th published on Jura Synchro since the network's debut in 2015. Flashback!

Merry Christmas!

The whole Jura Synchro team wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Virtual synchro skating events: will we have to get used to them?

The first virtual synchronized skating competition took place on Sunday. This is a solution which does not replace in-person competitions, but which helps maintain the motivation of the athletes. [EDITO]

Film and send the video of your program

As on-site competitions are becoming increasingly rare this season, Jura Synchro invites you to present your programs on its YouTube channel. Participate now by sending your videos!

"We are already going full speed towards the upcoming season"

After a few weeks of setting up, Jura Synchro launches this Sunday the first-ever synchronized skating newsletter. This new sports feature has been thought out as a digital newspaper with different sections. Team Unique (FIN) opens this first issue.

Synchro solidarity in this period of confinement

As coronavirus cases continue to rise in the world, many people have to work, live, do exercise... from home. For this first SynchroAtHome article, the two founders of Jura Synchro speak about the situation in Switzerland.

How to support Jura Synchro?

Support your media by spending only a few seconds of your time... It is now possible since Jura Synchro enters the crowdfunding platform uTip which supports quality digital projects.

May all your wishes be fulfilled in 2020

3... 2... 1... Happy New Year Everyone! So what is your synchronized skating wish for 2020? We asked you this question on Instagram. Here is what synchro fans want for this new decade.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

With 2019 wrapping up Jura Synchro wants to thank you all for an incredibly rewarding year. We thought you might enjoy reviewing the Jura Synchro's top five most-read articles of the last four months.

JuraSynchro.com: you have a notification

Jura Synchro continues its evolution on its website and on social networks. Several improvements have been made for this new season. Here is a quick look at the Jura Synchro's new features.

Jura Synchro Awards: Five new awards delivered

Weekend is coming soon! To celebrate, we invite you to check out this new awards ceremony that highlights the best synchronized skating posts of recent days. Let's go!

Top 5 Favorite Synchro Photos of the Year

All year long, Jura Synchro photographers struggle to show you your favorite sport from the best angle. Emotions, framing, light, colors... Thanks to these volunteers who collaborate from around the world, synchronized skating shines with beautiful photos! Here are the most looked at photos of the year.