Virtual synchro skating events: will we have to get used to them?


The junior team Lexettes presented their new programs. (Credits: Hayden Synchro - 2020)

The first virtual synchronized skating competition took place on Sunday. This is a solution which does not replace in-person competitions, but which helps maintain the motivation of the athletes. [EDITO]

The year 2020 has been full of new experiences. For the first time this weekend, synchro fans found themselves doing something new: watching a virtual synchronized skating competition. 

The 2020 Porter Classic Pandemonium was held virtually and broadcasted on Vimeo following a "competition schedule" with breaks and starting orders. As a result, spectators were transported to many rinks in the United States, Australia, and a range of locations around Europe. In total, 90 synchro teams from nine countries competed.

This probably has been a logistical nightmare for the organizers who courageously decided to take up this new challenge. Never has a synchronized skating competition been organized like this.

Of course, some fans may have sometimes regretted not being able to see a view of the whole team (with skaters sometimes scattering across the ice), or lacking the light to see the exact colour of the costumes worn by the team. But, despite some inevitable connection problems, all went smoothly, and it felt so good to discover new programs!

With masked athletes and hardly any falls (as the teams were able to send their best performance), watching the action unfold on a screen is really not the same, and skaters feel probably the same as they compete in front of a camera with no crowd around them. 

However, the number of spectators sometimes came close to the 1,400 people connected at the same time to watch the event. That means that many of us want to see synchronized skating again, to see our passion shine on the ice, as we could do so easily before the virus.

In this time of pandemic where we all have to stay at home, technology is what connects one to another.

This proves to us once again that our sport must continue to be promoted, presented to the world and shown through quality videos that make us dream in this extraordinary period. That is what we're trying to do at Jura Synchro. And we will also have some surprises for you from the start of 2021.

International competitions featuring synchro teams from around the globe are likely to be impossible for months to come, and such virtual events are for now an excellent solution to keep skaters motivated. Thanks to the 2020 Porter Classic Pandemonium that displayed an impressive adaptation to the "new normal". 

Other virtual events are gradually being set up in the coming months. Let's take every opportunity and spend this difficult time together, in a tight-knit way and share the passion we have for our sport!

We will come out of this pandemic stronger!

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