We wish you a Merry Christmas!


With 2019 wrapping up Jura Synchro wants to thank you all for an incredibly rewarding year. We thought you might enjoy reviewing the Jura Synchro's top five most-read articles of the last four months.

1. Cancellation
Coming in at number one, with thousands ready was the announcement of the Neuchâtel Trophy 2020 cancellation at the beginning of November. This decision of the organizing committee had moved many fans around the world. Note, however, that the organizers have announced that they will try to organize  Synchro Challenger Series in Switzerland in 2021!
2. Canadian news
Our runner up this year focused on the Canadian teams. Many readers were eager to discover the announcement of Les Suprêmes Seniors' programs (and their exclusive videos) as well as Nova Senior’s themes for this season. Click on these teams to remember all the details!

Nova Senior (CAN) in their new costumes. (Credits: vickymokas - 2019)

3. Themes and Guinness in Finland
In third place, the vice-World Champions Marigold IceUnity (FIN). The readers of Jura Synchro were curious to discover their new Short Program. The team, that has many fans all over the world, unveiled their theme at the end of September and then, announced that synchronized skating was entering Guinness World Records!
4. CaCup 2019, let the sunshine in!
In fourth place, an article that highlights the California Cup 2019! Do you remember who won this first Synchro Challenger Series? Have a look at this recap

Haydenettes (USA) skating at California Cup 2019. (Credits: Cynthia Slawter - 2019)

5. Lumière Cup: the first big event in Europe
The Lumière Cup 2019 is in position number five. Many talented synchro teams faced each other at this international competition. Have a look at the results

Readers were also eager to follow recently the American events: Boston Classic and Dr. Porter Classic

With the last months wrapping up, that leaves us to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Thank you for following us all year round on Jura Synchro and thank you for your unconditional support! If we grow so much, it is thanks to you!

Take care <3