Top 5 Favorite Synchro Photos of the Year


This photo of the opening ceremony of the last World Championships in Helsinki, for example, has been seen around the world. This is one of the best pic of the year. (Credits: Sébastien Muller - 2019)

All year long, Jura Synchro photographers struggle to show you your favorite sport from the best angle. Emotions, framing, light, colors... Thanks to these volunteers who collaborate from around the world, synchronized skating shines with beautiful photos! Here are the most looked at photos of the year.

1. Ilderton Junior (CAN), Winterfest 2019
Ice Ignite from Canada. (Credits: Sean McKinnon - 2019)

Seventh last January at Winterfest, Ice Ignite Junior is a Canadian team from Ilderton, Ontario. The skaters touched the heart of synchro fans last season with this picture taken by our photographer Sean McKinnon.

2. Haydenettes (USA), Leon Lurje 2019
Haydenettes from the USA. (Credits: Mihail Lefler - 2019)

Definitely, the U.S. Senior National Champions left a deep impression on the fans last season with their colorful free program. The Haydenettes are once again at the Top with this very energetic shot from our photographer Mihail Lefler.
3. Riverbulls (FIN), Oberstdorf 2019
Team Riverbulls from Finland. (Credits: Roy NG Photography - 2019)

The Riverbulls is an Adult synchronized skating team made up of only men. Look at the energy coming from their block! This photo, taken by our photographer Roy Ng, was the third most-watched of last season.
4. Team Darlings (CZE), Junior Worlds 2019
Team Darlings from the Czech Republic. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2019)

Last spring, they jumped into the World Junior Championships in Neuchâtel! The Czech team Team Darlings seduced synchro fans with this aerial photo by Ville Vairinen for Jura Synchro.
5. Marigold IceUnity (FIN), Finnish Qualifications 2019
Marigold IceUnity from Finland. (Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography - 2019)

The Finnish team Marigold IceUnity is also regularly nominated in our "Best of". This time, it was a portrait of one of the team's athletes that caught the public's attention. This free program photo was taken by our photographer Kirsi Laine in Finland.

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