How to support Jura Synchro?


Support your media by spending only a few seconds of your time... It is now possible since Jura Synchro enters the crowdfunding platform uTip which supports quality digital projects.

"We are very pleased to be able to offer this new functionality to people who visit the website and appreciate the content published," explains Remo De Tomi, co-founder of Jura Synchro.

“We are often asked how to support Jura Synchro. I think we have now an easy and secure way to do it. With uTip, you can support the website by simply offering a few seconds of your time.”

The specialised online media was created during the 2015-2016 season. “Our goal is to talk about synchronized skating all over the world by giving fans different types of content (news, photos or even videos) and by providing them with quality information. To succeed in our mission, we follow Swiss journalistic ethics. ”

“We also seek to promote the sport on different digital platforms through advertisements. One of the objectives of Jura Synchro is also to identify a maximum of teams, events, results, photos so that the sport has a centralized legacy. Finally, we now wish to be even more attentive to readers and spectators in order to provide them with content that meets their expectations. We are developing strategies in that way”, says the co-founder.

Jura Synchro in interview with Team Paradise. (Credits: Sebastien Muller)

Support Jura Synchro by watching 30 seconds of advertising
The uTip platform was developed in France in September 2017. It allows creators to be supported by their community, via donations, but also for free by watching short video advertisements.

“uTip does not force anyone to watch sponsored content. The platform asks the users if they agree to spend 30 seconds of their time to support the media by watching a video,“ adds the co-founder of Jura Synchro. Of course, for people who would like to donate, it is also possible.

To appear on uTip, Jura Synchro was analyzed before being approved as a digital creator of quality content.

What will my support be used for?
To be able to publish numerous articles, photos and videos, a team made up of volunteers offers free time for Jura Synchro and for synchronized skating in general.

By watching an advertisement or making a donation via uTip, you actively participate in the development of this media through a kitty that will support the volunteers who collaborate for the site.

Do you want to know more or give your support?

Visit uTip (now available in French and English) to support the media that talks about your passion and its development all over the world!

Thank you everyone for your precious help <3