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USA and Canada named their 2020-21 National Teams

U.S. Figure Skating and Skate Canada announced recently their 2020-21 National athletes. The selected skaters consisted of men, women, pair and ice dance teams, and of course, synchronized skating teams.

"This team is literally every coach’s dream"

There is so much talent in Canada in Adult, says Maggie Head, the head coach of Team Storm. This Adult team from Toronto, Ontario, was initially formed to compete at the Winter World Masters Games in 2020 in Austria, and the skaters came together in a really unique way.

Peter Gerome, a French skater evolving in Canada

Peter just turned twenty-six years old. He grew up in a city near Paris (France) and moved to Canada two years ago. While studying biology and geology at the University La Sorbonne in Paris and then, ecology and environment in Montréal, Peter skated and evolved in a sport where males are a few. He just started his third season with Les Suprêmes.

Team Paradise: "Everything went as planned"

The Russian senior champion Team Paradise is back on the ice since early July. Even if strict health measures must be respected during the training, the skaters from Saint-Petersburg hopes that they will be able to travel this season.

How to build self-confidence? A skater from Team Unique answers

Synchronized skaters from all over the world are connected by passion, encouragement, and a mutual love for synchronized skating. Unfortunately, there’s another feeling passing through all skaters' minds: we’re talking about stress. Nenna Salminen, a current skater from Team Unique (FIN), shares her view on self-confidence in synchronized skating.

Two synchro skaters design stickers, pins, and masks for an organization that helps LGBTQ+

The new Instagram page "Love in Synch" and the U.S. skater and designer Ava Privratsky have started a new collaboration. Their goal? Helping an LGBTQ+ youth organization by selling stickers, pins, and masks.

U.S. Synchro Skaters Learn Valuable Lessons Through Global Pandemic

As the United States learns how to work through the COVID-19 pandemic, rinks have slowly been able to reopen, allowing teams to begin their training. However, training looks much different with strict regulations and an increased focus on skaters’ mental wellbeing.

For the Cup of Dresden organizers, safety should be the primary criterion

"It was a very hard decision to make," starts Susanne Schöne of the Cup of Dresden organizing committee. This international synchronized skating competition, which should have taken place in March 2021, will not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

France or the United States will host the 2023 Worlds

The International Skating Union (ISU) has released the summary of all championships applications for future figure skating seasons. According to the ISU, the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2023 will be held in France or in the United States of America.

Jennie Mao (USA): "Skating on two teams gets hard and tiring sometimes"

OneTeamMVMT and Jura Synchro are working in partnership to highlight people in the synchro world who have unique stories to share in a new series called "Faces of Synchro". We are talking skaters, coaches, volunteers, officials, extraordinary parents... people who have unique stories to share that will inspire you. For this first episode, let's go to the USA with Jennie Mao!

Marigold IceUnity in full speed towards the upcoming season despite the pandemic

The famous Finnish senior team Marigold IceUnity is actively preparing for the upcoming season, even though the coronavirus is still leaving a lot of uncertainty. Head coach Anu Oksanen explained to the Finnish Skating Association how her team is doing.

How to manage diversity on your synchro team?

In the last few months, we talked a lot about diversity in the world. One sure thing is that synchronized skating is diverse in all the senses.