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Synchro skater testimony: "We will come back stronger"

Like many teams in Quebec (CAN), Les Suprêmes have not been training since the beginning of October. The measures introduced by the Government still allow individual practices, but the lack of synchro strongly affects the morale of athletes. Agathe Merlier, senior skater and also correspondent for Jura Synchro, shares her feelings in this editorial.

Finland back on the ice this weekend

A new weekend of competitions has just ended in Finland. Interclub level teams competed on Saturday and Sunday in Jyväskylä.

Face mask: a fashionable accessory for synchro skaters

Face masks are now part of the everyday routine due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Some synchro teams have turned to use them as chic fashion accessories that perfectly match the competition outfits or include the club logo.

A very complicated situation for the French teams

The French synchronized skating teams had to stop their ice training at the end of October (due to the Covid pandemic). Only athletes registered on the ministerial lists are currently authorized to train in the country. Synchro athletes regret this decision and ask for more recognition.

Competing this season: yes, but where and how?

The coronavirus pandemic is plunging many countries and synchro teams into uncertainty. Due to the health situation, many competitions have already been postponed to the next months or even next season, leaving little opportunity for athletes to present their programs.

They just won their first gold medal of the season

"Synchro skating is just the best thing you can do!" Anna Vidal, captain of the adult JääLeidit team in Finland, smiles. With her teammates, they won the first competition of the season this weekend. Let's meet this very motivated team that has an enormous passion for our sport.

Andrea Nesbitt: "If we can get through this season, we can conquer any obstacle"

Andrea Nesbitt lives in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and she coaches teams out of Brampton, which is in the Greater Toronto area. When she answered our questions, she was enjoying getting back into a more normal fall routine. It is definitely a strange season with lots of unknowns.

Yurika Ando: "Skating abroad has changed my life"

Yurika Ando is 22 years old and grew up in Shiga, Japan. A year and a half ago, she left her family to live her dream in Germany. Back on her career and her experience with her new team, Team Berlin 1.

Finland makes the whole world dream [EDITORIAL]

Taking advantage of a "stable" COVID situation, Finland resumed last weekend its synchro season. After eight months of waiting, what a pleasure to finally live again synchronized competitions! With masks and fewer spectators in the arena, back coming and competing at a price.

Helsinki Rockettes took the victory with excellent technical skills

The second day of the first Finnish qualifications in Tampere offered great performances in every category. The final order of Seniors remained the same, but the rankings of Juniors changed, and Novices showed some great performances.

Finnish teams wow the fans during short programs

The long-awaited synchronized skating season started on a sunny Saturday in Tampere, Finland. The competition was organized according to strict safety guidelines because of the Covid-19. The arrangements for the first day went well, and both the teams and the audience were happy. Helsinki Rockettes and Team Fintastic are leading the first qualifications.

Another city chosen for the Junior Worlds 2021

France announces that it will organize the Synchronized Skating Junior World Championships in 2021. The French ice sports federation confirmed on Saturday that the event would be held in Lyon from March 12 to 13, 2021.