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Live performance on roller skates: "This was a bit of a challenge!"

A synchro skater from the Czech team Olympia, Kája Procházková, took part in a live charity cultural event organised by the Police Symphony Orchestra [Police is a town in north-eastern Bohemia, ed.]. As a part of the event, she skated a solo performance on roller skates accompanied by the orchestra.

Another location for the 2021 Junior Worlds?

The ISU Council met mid-June via an online meeting and communicated some decisions regarding synchronized skating.

She wants to design a specific tool for synchro skaters

Synchro skater and student at a Technical University, Amanda Melne is collecting data on problems experienced by synchro skaters during their off-ice training. As a result of her academic work, a new innovative tool for skaters could be marketed.

VIDEO: This Asian team practises on the ice under conditions

While some skaters are still waiting to start their season, some nations have allowed synchronized skating teams to practise again. Today we take you to South Korea where Team Ice Tigers is now practising on the ice.

Former synchro skaters to support current athletes and promote the discipline

You may have seen them in a synchro competition with their black and gold t-shirt and their "special number" in the back... In Finland, former skaters from the Helsinki Rockettes team have formed an alumni association that brings together more than 100 former synchro athletes.

For some synchro teams, this season will be a rushed one

In New Zealand, all government restrictions have been lifted, which allows teams to return to training. But there is only three months until the national championships...

Skaters and coaches are left with uncertainty

On Tuesday, the UK government announced that indoor skating rinks were forbidden by law to reopen with the latest easing of the lockdown regulations.

"I know in my heart it is my time to move on"

At the age of 24, the synchronized skater Jordan Alexander retired from skating after 19 seasons of synchronized skating and 12 years representing Team USA. Originally from the Chicago suburbs, the athlete who has been living in the greater New York City area for three years, plans to stay highly involved in the sport.

Hugo Chouinard, the music magician

Six screens, audio tracks everywhere and music that is constantly playing... Welcome to the world of Hugo Chouinard, the sound designer who creates the arrangements for all the biggest synchronized skating teams. Today, we’re discovering HIS world!

Five events scheduled and a second junior team

The synchronized skating competition calendar in Switzerland has been published a few days ago. How this country located in the heart of Europe is preparing the upcoming season? Let's have a look!

Around the world, synchro teams gradually back on track

Some ice rinks and training centres are beginning to reopen in low-risk areas. In a few countries, strict regulations are in place. Skaters are limited to 5 or are encouraged to wear masks.

Music problem in competition? Find out what you can do!

After the recent publication of the new Synchronized Skating Referees Handbook, we continue the review of this important guide published by the International Skating Union (ISU). Today, you will learn all about the problems related to music, athletes' injuries or official practices.