May all your wishes be fulfilled in 2020


3... 2... 1... Happy New Year Everyone! So what is your synchronized skating wish for 2020? We asked you this question on Instagram. Here is what synchro fans want for this new decade.

Synchro at the Olympics
The most popular wish, and we could imagine it, is that synchronized skating becomes an Olympic discipline! "I would like that the International Olympic Committee reconsiders synchronized skating for 2026", wrote, for example, a Jura Synchro reader this week.

Set new competitive goals
Another very popular subject was this year the objectives for future competitions. "I would like to get a place on the Junior team," said a synchro skater from Finland, "I want to qualify for the Junior Worlds," added another athlete from the Czech Republic.

"Winning my first international medal with my sisters", "joining a Collegiate team", or even "winning the British championship with my team"... These are some of the messages we have received on Instagram.

Make sport better
The readers of Jura Synchro also expressed wishes for the sport in 2020. "Fair competitions", "good points" or event "harmony" within the teams.

Some fans have also chosen to share their more personal wishes like for example "learning how to make twizzles" or "that the USA win a medal at the Worlds".

2020: Emotions and great moments of synchro!
With its many competitions, the year 2020 will start very soon for synchronized skating!

From the first weeks of January, many events around the world will allow teams to compete and present their work. And then, at the end of January, the new Challenger Series introduced for the first time this season in the discipline will continue in Sweden, before taking place in France and Italy.

Without forgetting, of course, the highlights of the season, the World Championships in Great Britain in mid-March for the Juniors, and in early April for the Senior teams in Lake Placid.

2020 will therefore offer us emotion and beautiful moments!

It only remains for us to thank you all for this wonderful year spent together. Thank you for following us every day on Jura Synchro, thank you for your trust... We look forward to new adventures!