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The last event of an unusual season

Last week, the Italian competition season officially came to an end. In this final event, a total of nine teams competed in three different divisions.

One more step towards the upcoming season

The contours of the 2021/22 season continue to take shape. The ISU recently gave details about the technical regulations in force.

Elite 12: What are these coaches thinking?

The ISU has announced its decision to try out next winter the Elite 12 project, a competition with teams of 12 skaters. In a recent article of the Finnish Figure Skating Association, the coaches of the Finnish senior teams say they are open to the project, but also with slight doubts.

Teams Elite (USA): A junior synchro team's rise to success

Competing as a part of US Figure Skating since 2013, Teams Elite has impressed everyone by becoming vice-national champions and winning the silver medal at the Spring Cup in Italy just before the pandemic. This Junior team is now being tipped to become a strong international competitor and is hungry for more success.

Their "flair for the theatrical" programs make those teams a must watch

A few days ago, we introduced you to the Gold Ice teams. This organization is based in Ontario, Canada, and the teams are coached by three energetic young ladies. Today, they tell us more about their teams and their wishes for the future.

An end of the season with masks and without any spectator

After the Junior and Senior teams, the Italian National Novice Championships took place last week in Italy. The team Hot Shivers won the competition both in Basic Novice and Advanced Novice divisions.

Theresa Marka wears several hats, such as coach and synchro developer

Theresa replied to our questions in Salzburg, Austria, a few minutes after getting off the ice with the team she coaches. Luckily, they are able to skate at the moment!

"I've always been very proud of my hair, and losing it so suddenly was very hard for me"

Meet Yana Hanssens, former skater of Team Phoenix and battler of Alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss. Get to know her story and follow her journey as a synchronized skater.

Nationals in Italy: A surprise after more than 20 years

The Synchronized Skating National Championships for Junior and Senior teams took place in Trento, Italy. And for the first time in more than twenty years, another club took home the gold in the Senior category!

"I was fascinated by the movement and the discipline"

A new synchronized skating club is in preparation in Delta, in the Vancouver region of Canada.

The dates and cities chosen for the Challenger Series are known

Four stages in Europe, one in North America. The ISU has unveiled the five competitions selected for the Synchronized Skating Challenger Series events for the 2021-22 season.

"We stay motivated because we know we will be back on the ice one day"

This Sunday, let's meet Harriet Rushmer, a skater from Team Aura. She is answering Jura Synchro's questions from London, UK.