Jura Synchro

And here is the 1000th!


The article you are discovering today is the 1,000th published on Jura Synchro since the network's debut in 2015. Flashback!

If we do some research, we notice that the first Jura Synchro article dealing with international synchronized skating news was published on October 22, 2015. Five years have passed and with them, 1,000 articles have now been published on JuraSynchro.com!

The effects of the pandemic
Synchro competitions' reports, breaking news, interviews... The Jura Synchro team, made up of 100% volunteers, does its utmost to make you live your sport and your passion as well as possible.

"Since the start of the pandemic one year ago, sports news has been considerably reduced. This allowed us to give more space to long stories and more magazine articles. We were also able to put more effort into introducing fans to lesser-known teams and less publicized categories. This is synchro skating too!" explains Amélie De Tomi, editor-in-chief of Jura Synchro.

The pandemic has also enabled Jura Synchro to develop new YouTube programs, such as the "Jura Synchro Express" or the Podcast hosted by former World Champions skaters Tiia Aromäki & Ria Lyttinen. Every weekend, synchro fans have a new show to check out.

"The pandemic has allowed new developments of Jura Synchro in recent months. Of course, we can't wait for the synchro news to really start again, with competitions, scores and everything. That's the heart of the sport! But the crises also brought good things somehow", says Amélie De Tomi.

New projects to come
Since its beginnings, Jura Synchro has published nearly 340 videos, 1,000 articles and hundreds of synchronized skating photos. Apart from the Facebook page, Jura Synchro also has two Instagram accounts (the main one and the other exclusively dedicated to the Podcast) and is present on Twitter, Snapchat, or TikTok that has just exceeded 3,000 subscribers.

Many projects are currently under development on Jura Synchro. Improvements and other evolutions will soon be visible. As usual, the Jura Synchro team will take advantage of the summer to bring new features, new ideas and technical improvements to the website.