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Jura Synchro continues its evolution on its website and on social networks. Several improvements have been made for this new season. Here is a quick look at the Jura Synchro's new features.

You can now search some articles
Requested by readers, a news search function has been added. You can now easily search teams, competitions, city names, and discover or rediscover the articles edited on Jura Synchro.
Home page
On the first page, things have been remodelled to give more visibility to the new Challenger Series. With the modifications, you can now keep an eye on the coming events! Also note that the typeface and some designs have also been refreshed!

A new "Health" category
Many of you were asking for articles about health and medical advice. This season, we will also be doing more articles about these topics. A new category is coming, and will include, for example, the Tiina Pesonen's special fitness exercises for synchronized skating - a good way to stay fit during the whole winter period.

Jura Synchro will still keep its main objectives
Even with those new features, the principal mission of Jura Synchro will not change: let synchronized shine and keep you informed of the latest news about our sport. As usual, we will also create some video clips and advertisements to introduce synchro skating to more people, thanks to social media and internet.

Again this season, Jura Synchro's staff will try to post about one article per day, which means that you will be able to fully live your passion at 100%!

Of course, we always want to remain close to you and your comments are important to us. Do you wish to propose any further improvements? Do you have any ideas or do you just want to leave us a message? Do not hesitate to use the contact form or send us an e-mail to !

Finally, a big THANK YOU for your endless support. Thank you for your warm messages which we receive regularly. We always try to answer as quickly as possible, but sometimes a small delay may be necessary to reply to everyone.

Thanks also to our precious correspondents, photographers, and correctors around the world who help us to bring you quality content every day.

We wish you a great season! 

Together, let's put synchronized skating into the spotlight!