"We are already going full speed towards the upcoming season"


Jenni Lehtonen (in the right foreground) starts her 6th season with Team Unique. (Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography - 2020) 

After a few weeks of setting up, Jura Synchro launches this Sunday the first-ever synchronized skating newsletter. This new sports feature has been thought out as a digital newspaper with different sections. Team Unique (FIN) opens this first issue.

Digital and specialized content
Jura Synchro launches this Sunday its first newsletter about synchronized skating. This new feature will enable the fans to explore in depth certain topics, to watch the best videos, or to discover exclusive content.

This newsletter proposes also new sections about synchro. For example, the "Did You Know" section gives original information about our sport, or the "The Number" highlights an important number in the synchronized skating world. In the winter season, you will also find the competition calendar setting out important information and, of course, the updated synchro results

Other ideas and sections will also appear in the next months. The goal is to offer you exclusive and interesting content about your passion. Each newsletter will be signed by one of the members of Jura Synchro to guide you through the different sections.

The Challenger Series winners to open the first newsletter
The newsletter will offer each time an editorial of a personality from the synchro world. This article will give the chance to an important synchro personality to express her/his opinion or comment on the current events.

Winners the first-ever Synchronized Skating Challenger Series, Jenni Lehtonen from Team Unique has the honor of being the first skater to open this newsletter. The senior athlete speaks about her team, the new skaters and how they already prepare for the winter season. "After an 8-week break from ice, we have now gotten back to skating in small groups with strict safety rules. We are already going full speed towards the upcoming season," writes Jenni.

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