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Discover a few teams:

Ice Ignite | Novice A (CAN)

A team from the Ilderton Skating Club, Ontario, Canada.

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Evolution | Senior (USA)

A team representing the Detroit Skating Club and located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

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Silver Stars | Novice A (FIN)

Silver Stars is a team located in Northern Finland, in the cold land.

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Icetastic | Preliminary (GBR)

Team Icetastic is a preliminary team from Nottingham-NSSA, GB.

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Skating Graces | Adult (GER)

Skating Graces is a German team from Chemnitz.

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Wisconsin Edge | Junior (USA)

A team representing the Wisconsin.

More about Wisconsin Edge

Team Emerald | Junior (SUI)

A Junior team from Basel, Switzerland.

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Ice Lions | Senior (GEO)

Ice Lions is a synchronized skating team from Georgia. They represent Batumi Sport-Youth Center.

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Ice Edition | Adult II (CAN)

Ice Edition is an Adult team who is skating in Edmonton, Canada.

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