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Discover a few teams:

Ice Steps | Junior (FIN)

Ice Steps is a junior team from Vantaa, Finland.

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Shadows | Novice A (GBR)

Team Shadows is a team from Nottingham-NSSA, GB. They compete in the ISU Advanced Novice category and are aged between 10 and 15. 

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Ice Edition | Adult II (CAN)

Ice Edition is an Adult team who is skating in Edmonton, Canada.

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Kansai Synchro Lovers | Novice A (JPN)

A team from Kansai, is a region located on the island of Honshū in Japan.

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Z Hysterik | Mixed Age (FRA)

The team comes from the center of France.

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Munich Synergy | Mixed Age (GER)

The team represents the city of Munich in southern Germany.

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Team Dancers | Senior (SUI)

A team from Basel and coached by Monika Schneider and Annekäthi Künzli. The team consists of 20 skaters ranging in age from 14 to 27 years old from all over the country, from both the French and German part.

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EnergICE | Adult II (CAN)

A synchronized skating team representing the St. Thomas Skating Club & Woodstock Skating Club, ON.

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Ice Bees | Mixed Age (GER)

A team from Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany.

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