Synchro solidarity in this period of confinement


As coronavirus cases continue to rise in the world, many people have to work, live, do exercise... from home. For this first SynchroAtHome article, the two founders of Jura Synchro speak about the situation in Switzerland.

As you may know, in our daily life, we are journalists working for two different media in Switzerland. We're producing video and written content, speaking about events and giving news in the French-speaking region of our country. But what we love above all is informing you about synchronized skating, put the light on this sport in order to make it shine.

Covid-19: the situation in Switzerland

Here, as in many other countries, the number of people infected with Covid-19 continues to increase. As our friends and neighbours from Italy, France and Germany, our country has also taken some measures by closing all schools, universities, stores and partially closing the borders. But as we are a small country, we still need to let cross border workers who are coming to work in Switzerland, especially in the field of care (already very busy). Soldiers from the army also arrived this week to help the health centers. No strict confinement has been declared, but the situation is critical and frightening. We are really committed to continuing to inform you about synchronized skating, this wonderful sport that makes us dream even more in these times of crisis.

Trip cancelled
Like many synchro fans and media, we should have flown to Canada on Monday, then crossed the border to go to the United States and thrilled with all of you at the ISU Senior World Championships 2020 in Lake Placid, the event we have been waiting for months. The "highlight" of a season already rich in many beautiful victories and magical emotions.

But now that damn virus has arrived, crossing out the last synchro events planned for this season and putting an early end to a season that was just waiting for its climax.

Let's stay united

Of course, our disappointment is great, as is yours of course, but we must remain united to face up with this new invisible enemy that is the coronavirus. The health of athletes and lovers of synchronized skating is the most important thing and we all need to be patient. Wait, to then come back better. However, closing the rinks and confinement will not stop us from informing you about your favorite sport.


A new project: SynchroAtHome
In the meantime, and to support each other in this crazy period, we have launched the SynchroAtHome project. What do you do during your confinement? Do you have good ideas, things to share with other synchro fans? Or do you simply want to write to tell us about your daily life, your sadness, your anger, your state of mind or sharing with us your positive messages addressed to the synchro fans?

We are there for you, and we collect your testimonies, your ideas, and your advice. Thanks to you, we will now publish SynchroAtHome articles that will bring comfort and a touch of synchro in this world that keeps us away from ice rinks.

Write us now by email at:

We look forward to reading from you and getting to know you. In the meantime, stay healthy and take care of yourself <3!

Amélie & Remo

PS: SynchroAtHome will start strong tomorrow with a testimony from a synchro skater who contracted the Covid-19 and who will speak about her fight against the virus!