Second section of Finnish teams competed at the second Interclub-level Qualification Competition


Hot Steps from Vantaa (FIN) won the Junior B division. (Credits: Santtu Jaakkola - 2020)

The second interclub-level qualification competition was held in Helsinki, Finland from February 8 to 9. On Sunday, teams in Adult, Basic Novice, Beginner, Juvenile, ISU Master and Junior B categories competed.

Adults started the competition
In Adults, Coronae Borealis from Oulu, Northern Finland won the competition with 78.20 points. The second team was Shadows from Espoo. They earned 76.60 points for their program ”Enough!” Ice Wide Open from Kuopio, Eastern Finland got 75.00 points and took the third place.

Shadows in their program "Enough!" (Credits: Santtu Jaakkola - 2020)

In Basic Novice category, Team Ice Mist from Järvenpää, Southern Finland was given 86.80 points and the team got the gold medals. Cool Steps from Vantaa skated their program ”Día de los Muertos” earning 84.80 points. They were placed second. The third team was Team White Pearl from Kouvola, Southern Finland. They performed their program "Cleopatra" and earned 79.20 points.

Cool Steps in their Program "Dia de los Muertos" (Credits: Santtu Jaakkola - 2020)

Ice full of joy in Beginners competition
Little Steps from Vantaa, took the gold medals in Beginners event with a total score of 67.80. Their theme is ”Little Monsters”. Ice Fascination from Kuopio was the second best team with 60.40 points. Valley Bay Synchrokids from Espoo skated a Spiderman-themed program and got 59.80 points and was placed third.

Monsters on the ice during the program of Little Steps (Credits: Santtu Jaakkola - 2020)

In Juveniles, MiniMints from Helsinki won the category with 39.68 points. Their theme was ”Stallo” which is an evil creature in the Sámi folklore. Rainbows from Espoo got 36.09 points and silver medals for their cat-themed program. The third team Sunny Steps from Vantaa took us to Neverland earning 35.63.

Rainbows got the second place in Juveniles (Credits: Santtu Jaakkola - 2020)

Tight competition in ISU Master category
In the ISU Master division, Valley Bay Synchrohearts from Espoo got 50.79 points and the first place. Their theme was ”Bollywood party”. Team Chaotique from Helsinki took the second place. They performed ”The Greatest Show” earning 49.80. Reunions Espoo skated their program ”Just One Swing”. They got 48.45 and the bronze medals.

Team Chaotique in their Program "The Greatest Show" (Credits: Santtu Jaakkola - 2020)

Junior B category ended the event
Hot Steps from Vantaa won the Junior B category with 53.65 points. Their theme was ”Dear Nature...”. Ice Diamonds from Jyväskylä, Central Finland got 47.08 points and placed second. Sunrise from Kirkkonummi, Southern Finland performed its program ”Hekate - Goddess of the night, ghosts and magic”. They got 43.53 points and finished third.

Ice Diamonds performing their program (Credits: Santtu Jaakkola - 2020)

A great weekend is approaching for the Finnish teams who will be watching with interest the national championships which will determine which teams will participate in the Senior World Championships 2020 in Lake Placid.

To be continued on Jura Synchro!

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Results - TOP 3

Second Finnish Interclub competition 2020
Helsinki (FIN)
FEB 08, 2020 - FEB 09, 2020

Junior B
TEAM Score
1Hot Steps (FIN)53.65
2Ice Diamonds (FIN)47.08
3Sunrise (FIN)43.53

TEAM Score
1Team Hysterique (FIN)56.64
2Moonlights (FIN)56.42
3Team Explosion (FIN)46.77

Senior B
TEAM Score
1Valley Bay Synchrostars (FIN)59.26
2Situations (FIN)54.03
3Sun City Souls (FIN)53.07