Almost 140 teams competed at the 2nd Interclub-level Qualification Competition in Finland


The teams waiting for the victory ceremony. (Credits: Sattu Jaakkola - 2020)

Because of the big amount of the teams in every category, the competition was divided into two groups. On Saturday the 8th of February, the skaters of Group 2 performed. 12 Adult, 18 Beginners, 10 Basic Novice, 9 Juvenile, 9 Senior B and 10 Junior B teams skated their programs.

The Adult, Beginners, and Basic Novices were evaluated with a special synchronized skating scoring system. The teams get points of skating skills, steps, simultaneously, skating to the music, performance, choreography and transitions.

All the other categories are evaluated with the ISU scoring system.

Adult teams enjoyed the event and had fun
Great interpretation of the team Aura Aboenses. (Credits: Santtu Jaakkola - 2020)

On Saturday morning, the event started with the Adult skaters. The winner was Aura Aboensis (TRT) from the South-West coast town Turku. Their theme The color of my Aura got 79.80 points. Team Antique (HSK) from Helsinki skated Abba-music theme Does your mother know? They got the silver medal and a total score of 79.20. The third was Audax (PTL ) from Porvoo near Helsinki. Their theme Rockballet got 73.20 points.

In this group skated also the two Finnish male teams: River Bulls (53.20) from the Western Finland town Seinäjoki and IceMen United (41.60) from Helsinki. They ended up to the 11th and 12th places.
Beginners are the cutest skaters of all
Sunflowers and their theme "Pineapples". (Credits: Santtu Jaakola - 2020)

In the Beginners category, the audience was charmed for example by penguins, lions, bees, mermaids and princesses.

The winner of this division was Sunflowers (HL) from Helsinki. They performed "Pineapples on the run" and got 78.80 points. The second was Team Minique (HSK) from Helsinki. With their theme "Adventure on the Edge of Ice" they earned a total score of 71.20. Ad Aurum from Porvoo got the bronze and 69.20 points. They skated their "Princesses" theme very fast and lively.
Basic Novice, a popular division
There are plenty of categories for the skaters who are not heading to the top. Basic Novice is one of them and it collects skaters via the whole country.

On Saturday, the superior winner was Chicas del Amor (RJT) from Riihimäki, a small town located North from Helsinki. Their program "Station 20" describes the dangerous work of firefighters. They skated it with confidence and got a total score of 90.40. The silver medalist was Icebreakers (MerTa). This team comes from the Northern Finland town Kemi. They skated in theme "Captain Hook´s Pirates" and got 79.00 points. The team had a good speed and versatile and interesting choreography. Team Magnetique (HSK) from Helsinki got the bronze. Even if they had to interrupt their program because of a bad fall, they kept going and earned a total score of 77.00. Their theme "Your Braveness is within You" described perfectly their performance of the day.

Chicas del Amore took the gold medal in Basic Novice category. (Credits: Santtu Jaakkola - 2020)

Skilled Juveniles skaters are heading to the top
Most of the top synchronized skaters in Finland has started to practice seriously in the Juveniles category. The skills of the best Juvenile teams on Saturday were amazing.

The winner was Sunlights (HL) from Helsinki. Their "Spiderman" program had great speed and they performed it with no mistakes. They got 40.95 points. The second was Team Sympatique (HSK), also from Helsinki. They had two falls in their "Rain dance on prairie" but they earned the silver medal totaling 36.27 points. The interesting composition of the program paid attention to the audience. Ice Melody (TTK) from Vantaa got the third position. They skated softly in beautiful blue dresses their "Cinderellas" theme and got a total score of 34.70.

The Juveniles teams on the podium. (Credits: Santtu Jaakkola - 2020)

Seniors B: beautiful homogeneity
There weren´t big level differences between the Senior B teams.

The winner from Espoo Valley Bay Synchrostars (EsJT) was clearly the best earning 59.26 points with their theme "Beauty in a wicked way". But the scores of the next seven teams varied between 50.00 to 54.03 points. Another team from Espoo, but a different club, got the silver. Situations (ETK) earned 54.03 points. Their performance to theme "Seili" was very emotional and touching. The third was Sun City Souls (VG-62). This team comes from a little town Naantali on South-West coast of Finland. They skated a funny but very precise program M.A.T.O. (W.O.R.M.) and earned a total score of 53.07.

Valley Bay Synchrostars show their skills. (Credits: Santtu Jaakkola - 2020)

Junior B category ended the Interclub competition on Saturay
The Junior B category teams skated just before the exciting short program competition of the qualification to the Junior Worlds, so the B-teams could enjoy a big crowd in the ice rink.

The gold medalist was Team Hysterique (HSK), from Helsinki. In blue and silver dresses, their program "Hypnotized" proceeded faultlessly and they got 56.64 points. Very close behind them was Moonlights (HL), Helsinki. They claimed the silver with a total score of 56.42. They had one fall in their program "The dark side of the moon", otherwise the performance went well. The bronze medalist came from West Coast town Pori. Team Explosion (PML) gathered 46.77 points. Their "Human/Nature" theme was very well performed.

Team Hysterique won the competition as they were "Hypnotized". (Credits Santtu Jaakkola - 2020)

The Interclub competition continued on Sunday and after that, we will know the representatives in the final competition in Turku on 7th-8th of March 2020.

Results - TOP 3

Second Finnish Interclub competition 2020
Helsinki (FIN)
FEB 08, 2020 - FEB 09, 2020

Junior B
TEAM Score
1Hot Steps (FIN)53.65
2Ice Diamonds (FIN)47.08
3Sunrise (FIN)43.53

TEAM Score
1Team Hysterique (FIN)56.64
2Moonlights (FIN)56.42
3Team Explosion (FIN)46.77

Senior B
TEAM Score
1Valley Bay Synchrostars (FIN)59.26
2Situations (FIN)54.03
3Sun City Souls (FIN)53.07