127 teams competed in Finland at the first Interclub competition


The Novice team Chicas del Amor. The competitions took place at Trio Arena in Vantaa. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2019)

The first Finnish Interclub-level Synchronized Skating Qualification competition of the season was arranged in Vantaa Trio Arena from 23rd to 24th November. There were amazing 127 teams in seven categories participating in this big event. The teams had been divided into two groups. The first group skated on Saturday and the second one on Sunday. ISU scoring system was used in some categories: Masters, Juniors B and Seniors B, but mostly the jury used the Finnish Synchronized Skating scores.

DAY 1: Main results
On Saturday, the Adults started the competition. There were twelve enthusiastic teams trying to achieve the brightest medal, but more than that, enjoying the event.

The winner was Shadows from Espoo. They skated theme Enough and got 77.80 points. The silver medalists were Ice Wide Open and came from Kuopio, Eastern Finland. They got a total of 70.60. Their theme was Casino. The third was DustyBlades from Tampere. Skating their program #challengeaccepted, they got 63.60 points.

The Adult team Shadows skating the program "Enough". (Credits: Tikkurilan Taitoluistluklubi ry, Stina Nevalainen/Antti Vainionpää - 2019)

In the Basic Novice category, Cool Steps from Vantaa won the competition. They earned 85.60 points and skated their program to the theme Dia de los Muertos, which seems to be also the choice of a few other teams this season. Team White Pearl from Kouvola – a small town in South-East Finland – finished second. They earned 76.00 points with their theme Kleopatra. The third was Briljantit from Kirkkonummi, Southern Finland. Their Miimikot ("mime artists") reached a total of 75.80 points.

Cool Dreams won the Basic Novice category on Saturday. (Credits: Tikkurilan Taitoluistluklubi ry, Stina Nevalainen/Antti Vainionpää - 2019)

All the medals in Juveniles' category went to skaters from the Helsinki area. The winner was MiniMints from Helsinki HTK (the little sisters of the famous Helsinki Rockettes). They got 88.60 points by skating to the theme "Staalo – the mischievous spirit of North". Team Rainbows from Espoo came second. Their amusing "Everybody wants to be a cat" program earned 75.80. The bronze medalist was Sunny Steps from Vantaa. They showed a "Trip to Never land" and they earned 75.40 points.

MiniMints performed their "Spirit of the North". (Credits: Tikkurilan Taitoluistluklubi ry, Stina Nevalainen/Antti Vainionpää - 2019)

Masters - (ISU Masters) category is quite new in Finland. This year, only seven teams competed in this category. The skaters are mostly former Finnish National Championship level skaters and the minimum age is 25 years old.

The winner of the competition was Team Chaotique, one member of the "Que-family" from Helsinki (HSK). They got a total of 50.27 points. Team Best Before, also from Helsinki (HTK), got the silver medal with 49.54. All the medalists were quite even, the third team was Valley Bay Synchrohearts from Espoo. They got 48.66  points.

Team Chaoticue was the winner of the Masters' category. (Credits: Tikkurilan Taitoluistluklubi ry, Stina Nevalainen/Antti Vainionpää - 2019)

On Saturday, there were nine Junior B teams on the ice. Ice Diamonds from the middle of Finland, Jyväskylä, won the competition with a total score of 49.80 points and their program Bird Box. The silver medallist was Crystal Illusions. This team comes from South-East Finland, Lappeenranta. They skated a clean program to "We will survive" and earned 45.71. Team Hot Steps came third and got 45.65 points.

Ice Diamonds enjoying their "golden" program. (Credits: Tikkurilan Taitoluistluklubi ry, Stina Nevalainen/Antti Vainionpää - 2019)

DAY 2: Who are the medalists?
The first gold medal on Sunday went to the team Audax in the Adult category. This team comes from Porvoo, not far from Helsinki. They earned 75.20 points. The second place went to Team Antique from Helsinki, HSK with 71.20 points and Aura Aboensis from the west coast, Turku, claimed the bronze (69.60).

The Adult team Audax skating in black costumes. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2019)

In the Basic Novice category, the winning team came from Riihimäki, about north 70 km from Helsinki. Chicas del Amor picked the gold medal getting a total of 88.00. The second team was Team Magnetique, the latest member of the Que-family, Helsinki HSK. They got 84.00 points and the silver medal. The third was Sparkle Edges, the little sisters of the Finnish National Junior team Dream Edges from Kaarina. The team reached a score of 69.20.

Chicas del Amor performing their program "STATION 20". (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2019)

In the Juveniles division, there were nine teams competing on Sunday. Sunlights from Helsinki HL, the little sisters of Marigold IceUnity, won the competition. They earned 83.40 points with their Spiderman program. Team Sympatique was second. They skated their program called "Rain dance on prairie" and got 81.20. Ice Melody, representing the hosting club Tikkurilan Taitoluistelijat ry, finished third. They were as pretty as Cinderella and got 71.20 points.

This season, Sunlights are... Spidermen. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2019)

Valley Bay Synchrostars from Espoo was the winner in the Seniors B category. They got 54.74 points and they chose to skate like "Beauty in a wicked way"  this season. Ex-Steps from Vantaa finished second. "Tale of the Guardian" was the choice of this team, which gathered a total score of 53.14. The bronze went to Team Panique that earned 50.45 points.

Valley Bay Synchrostars won the Senior B category. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2019)

The Juniors B category ended the competition day. Representing Helsinki HL, Moonlights took the gold medal. Their theme was an imagination of "The dark side of the moon" that brought them a score of 53.75. Once again, a "Que-family" team got a silver medal: Team Hysterique was "Hypnotized" and gathered 50.10 points. Team Explosion came third and got 44.12 points.

Moonlights skated to "The dark side of the moon". (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2019)

The cutest category of the competition was the Beginners. There were 29 teams competing from all over the country! They were not put into a ranking, but the judges gave them some valuable feedback. This was the very first competition for many little ice princesses. Some of them could someday skate at the top of the world.

Beginner team Amicae Aboenses from Turku. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2019)

The next Interclub qualification competition will be arranged on 8th-9th of February 2020 in Helsinki.

Results - TOP 3

First Finnish Interclub competition 2019
Vantaa (FIN)
NOV 23, 2019 - NOV 24, 2019

Junior B
TEAM Score
1Moonlights (FIN)53.75
2Team Hysterique (FIN)50.10
3Team Explosion (FIN)44.12

Senior B
TEAM Score
1Valley Bay Synchrostars (FIN)54.74
2Ex-Steps (FIN)53.14
3Team Panique (FIN)50.45

Novice B
TEAM Score
1Cool Steps (FIN)85.60
2Team White Pearl (FIN)76.00
3Briljantit (FIN)75.80

TEAM Score
1Chicas Del Amor (FIN)88.00
2Team Magnetique (FIN)84.00
3Sparkle Edges (FIN)69.20

TEAM Score
1Ice Diamonds (FIN)49.80
2Crystal Illusions (FIN)45.71
3Hot Steps (FIN)45.65

Adult I
TEAM Score
1Audax (FIN)75.20
2Team Antique (FIN)71.20
3Aura Aboensis (FIN)69.60

TEAM Score
1Team Shadows (FIN)77.80
2Ice Wide Open (FIN)70.60
3DustyBlades (FIN)63.60