The third Interclub competition ended the synchro skating season in Finland


It´s time to celebrate! Team Hysterique is happy about the scores. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2020)

The event took place in sunny Turku last weekend. Altogether 91 teams and about 2200 skaters competed in eight categories. One more time during this season the audience was allowed to enjoy the spectrum of fantastic performances.

Basic Novice category kicked off the competition on Saturday
The first team on the ice on Saturday was Cometes Borealis from Oulu, northern Finland. They didn´t get to the medals but they immediately created a cheerful atmosphere for the whole competition.

The winner of this category was Chicas del Amor from Riihimäki. Their confident program “STATION 20” brought them 87.60 points. Cool Steps from Vantaa picked up the silver medal earning 85.80 points and losing only 1.80 points to the winner. Their program “Dia de los Muertos – feast of memories” took the audience to the mysteries of South-America.  Team Ice Mist was the third. This team comes from Järvenpää, near Helsinki. They skated in theme “Brave” and earned the bronze medal with a total score of 79.40.

Chicas del Amor in their circle. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2020)

ADV picture
Adult teams had good performances
There were twelve teams skating in the Adult category. They all managed very well, the level of this division also rises year after year.

The winner was Team Antique from Helsinki. Their program was skated in Abba´s music, very cheerful and without mistakes. They earned the gold medal with 69.60 points. Aura Aboensis from Turku got a total score of 68.40 and the second place. Shadows from Espoo ended their season with 68.00 points and it was “Enough” – like their theme – for the bronze medals.

Team Antique performing Abba music. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2020)

Senior B
During this season, the results of all the Senior B teams have been very tight. On Saturday’s competition, there were more variations in the scores.

The panel found clear differences between the performances so the absolutely best team and the winner of the day was team Valley Bay Synchrostars from Espoo. Their program “Beauty in a Wicked Way” had great speed, interesting choreography, and no mistakes. They got the gold medal earning 62.65 points. The silver medalist was Situations from Espoo. Their program tells a sad story about a sick and poor woman who is taken to a distant and isolated island “Seili” for the rest of her life. The team interpreted this theme very beautifully and got a total amount of points 58.12. The bronze medal went to Ex-Steps from Vantaa.  They skated “The Tale of the Guardian” program with good power. The panel gave them a total score of 54.43.

Valley Bay Synchrostars jumping towards the gold medal. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2020)

Team Valley Bay Synchrohearts: the master of the Masters
The other division of Adult skaters ended the first competition day. All the programs were very entertaining; the skaters really seemed to enjoy performing.

Valley Bay Synchrohearts from Espoo claimed the gold medal skating their “Bollywood Party” theme with good speed and energy and got a total score of 56.67. Not far behind them came the second team Reunions also from Espoo. The panel gave their “Just One Swing” program 54.95 points and the silver medal. Team Chaotique performed “The Greatest Show” program in hilarious dresses, came third, took points 53.30 and bronze medals back to Helsinki.

Valley Bay Synchrostars celebrating "Bollywood Party". (Credits: Ville Vairinen -2020)

Minimints was the best in Juveniles
Minimints was the team, which left the spring like Turku with gold medals on Sunday. Their magical “Staalo” program was fast and effective and the panel rewarded it with 41.25 points. Very happy definitely were also the skillful silver medalists, “Spidermen” Sunlights. They succeeded very well and gathered 39.95 points. Team Sympatique was the third; they got the bronze and 38.92 points. Their “Rain dance on the prairie” was full of joy and clever details. All the medalists came from Helsinki.

Minimints was the winner of Juveniles. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2020)

Advanced Novice and Junior skated in "Silver Finals"
Every year only the twelve best teams of the National Championship series achieve the finals. The rest of the teams compete in a so-called "Silver final". This time there were six teams competing in the Novice division.

The winner was Novettes from Helsinki. They reached a total score of 57.61. A local team Filiae Aboenses from Turku picked up the silver medal earning 53.81 points. The bronze medalist Blue Diamonds from Jyväskylä, took the bronze medals. They got 52.51 points.

In Junior category was only one team, Festa Aboensia. Naturally, this team was the winner and got 63.16 points.

Novettes interpreteting their their theme. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2020)

Junior B ended the season 2019-2020
Synchronized skating is a very popular sport all over the country. For example in Junior B category there are 15 skillful teams from north and south, east and west and everywhere between that.

The Junior B winner came from Helsinki. Team Hysterique succeeded splendidly on Sunday. They skated very softly and with confidence their “Hypnotized” program and won the competition with 58.52 points. The silver medalist was Hot Steps from Vantaa. Their fresh “Dear Nature …” program got points 55.37. The bronze medal went to Helsinki when impressive Moonlights skating to “The Dark Side of The Moon” gathered a total score of  54.66.

The season 2019-2020 in Finland is over and all the teams gave it all on the ice! Like Team Sunrise did. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2020)

The last Finnish synchronized skating competition of this season was a big effort for the small skating club Kaarinan Taitoluistelijat. The manager of the competition Vile Vairinen was very pleased and thankful after handling this huge event without problems. This kind of sporting action isn´t possible without hard-working volunteers. They took care of 230 different tasks. The club members worked altogether 1500 hours for this competition. This kind of enthusiasm also describes the huge popularity of this sport in Finland.

Now it is time to concentrate on the Junior Worlds in Nottingham that starts on Friday in Great Britain!