Team Olympia will represent the Czech Republic at Senior Worlds 2020


Team Olympia qualified last weekend and will represent the Czech Republic at the Senior Worlds 2020. (Credits: Lote Lapaine & Aigars Altenbergs - 2019)

Last weekend (6-7th of December), the international synchronized skating competition Riga Amber Cup was held for the second time in Riga, Latvia. The competition took place in the cozy and modern ice rink “Kurbads”. This ice rink is so special that it even does have a hanging fireplace on the second floor hall. Check out the results!

Competing in 3 categories – Basic Novice, Mixed Age and ISU Senior, 9 teams from 6 countries took part in the Riga Amber Cup last weekend in Latvia. For most of the teams, this was the first international competition of the season. New programs and new dresses were shown to the spectators.

Team Ice Fire from Poland won the Basic Novice category with 33.88 points. Ice Fire performed their Mary Poppins themed program with great speed and creative transitions, receiving the highest technical points in their category. Team Amberlight from Latvia took second place with 24.89 points skating their elegant "Sea" themed program. The highlight of the program was their effective wheel, which suited greatly to their music. The third place went to Finnish team Ice Sweets (fun fact: the average age of their team is 12.6) who skated an energetic Disney themed program and earned 23.88 points, this was the first international competition for this team.

Team Amberlight skated to the theme of Sea and finished second. (Credits: Lote Lapaine & Aigars Altenbergs - 2019)

In the Mixed Age category, Team Sunrise from Finland skated the free program "Cosmos" with beautiful mirror glass decorated dresses and took gold with 51.94 points. Team Frost Fairies travelled all the way from Italy to Nothern Latvia and with their "Romeo & Juliet" themed free program ranked in second place receiving 37.26 points. The neighbors Team Diamonds from Estonia concluded the podium with 32.45 points for their program. Diamonds increased their score by 10 points compared to the last season.

The Mixed Age winners, Team Sunrise from Finland with a "Cosmos" free program. (Credits: Lote Lapaine & Aigars Altenbergs - 2019)

Winner of the Senior ISU category Team Olympia (total score 142.98) from Czech Republic took home the very special Riga Amber Cup prize – heavy, handmade glass trophy with 16 real amber stones positioned in a double circle symbolizing the 16 skaters of the best team winning Riga Amber Cup. Team Olympia skated a strong "Tango" in their short program earning all positive GOEs and SP score of 47.20 points. The free program was a love story. Team Olympia skated with great speed earning 95.78 points.

Team Darlings from Czech Republic received 135.72 points and ranked second. Team Darlings earned 42.10 points for their powerful "California Dreaming" short program and 93.62 points for their dynamic "Rocketman".

Team Amber from Latvia stayed third with a total score of 87.19. In their "Matrix" themed short program, Amber earned 31.48 points. For their free program, they received 55.71 due to 4 unfortunate falls. 

Riga Amber Cup was also the qualification for World Championships for the Czech teams. With their victory last weekend, Team Olympia will represent the Czech Republic at World Championships in Lake Placid!

The season started in Latvia with beautiful performances. The next Riga Amber Cup will be held in December 2020, see you soon!

Results - TOP 3

Riga Amber Cup 2019
Riga (LAT)
DEC 05, 2019 - DEC 08, 2019

TEAM Score
1Olympia (CZE)142.98
2Team Darlings (CZE)135.72
3Team Amber (LAT)87.19

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Sunrise (FIN)51.94
2Frost Fairies (ITA)37.26
3Diamonds (EST)32.45