Monday marked the end of the Britannia Cup with the Club Competition


Family photo for the Nottingham's synchro skaters. (Credits: Team Ice Diamonds NSSA - 2020)

Monday marked the culmination of the inaugural Britannia Cup in Nottingham, England where 75 teams competed across 13 categories during the three day competition. Incorporating the British Championship, the British teams were fighting to gain or reclaim national titles and there was a general buzz of excitement in the stadium during the entire competition.

The club event started with the Adult event. With 15 teams, this was a highly contested category which increases in popularity year on year.

Winning the British title was Ice Diamonds from Nottingham who scored 27.03 points. They started full of confidence with a very tidy intersection and maintained their speed and flow throughout their performance. 

In second place was Bladerunners from Altrincham who sizzled with their Bond inspired programme. They had matching leg extensions throughout and their flow across the ice was lovely to watch, scoring them 25.50 points. 

In third place from Lee Valley was Orion who scored 23.90 points. Skating to Prince, they showed their sassy side with an energetic performance, playing to the audience and enjoying themselves.
Mixed Age

Mixed Age had 8 teams competing from around the UK.

In first place was Ice Unite from Nottingham who scored 45.44 points for their ‘Stronger’ routine. Although there was a fall, the programme was fast and confident with very quick transitions and nice flow. 

In second place with 44.25 points was Allstars from Gosport. In bright pink costumes, they skated a fast and feisty routine with their interlocking travelling circle being a particular highlight. 

In third place was Solway Eclipse from Dumfries who scored 45.24 points. Performing to Daniel Pemberton, "Breaking Out" (The Cowboy Escapes), they demonstrated excellent skating skills with deep knee bends - so quiet and controlled, the audience was transfixed.

Fast becoming the favourite category in many British competitions, the inclusive category was dominated by team Spice from Slough. Skating to Mary Poppins, the team received a standing ovation after their performance. They completed an intricate wheel including jumps and spirals and a very neat circle. A highlight at the end was a rotational lift and the beaming face of the skaters. They scored 13.09 points.
Basic Novice
There were 3 teams competing in Basic Novice.

In first place was Solway Lightning from Dumfries with a score of 24.66. They skated to the Sound of Music with a very smooth, soft programme with lovely flow however there was a costly error in the intersection. 

In second place was Supernova from Lee Valley who scored 23.85 points. Skating a Spy Kids inspired programme, they had some nice characterisation throughout and interesting transitions in their wheel. 

In third place was Wight Sparkles from Isle of Wight who scored 21.81 points. They had a very sassy entrance and their red, blue and silver costumes looked very effective in the intersection. They sold their Spice Girls routine throughout and it was a very enjoyable performance.

Kicking off Sunday’s competition in style, there was a fierce battle for the podium in the Intermediate category.

Claiming the title was Deelites from Deeside who scored 26.75 points. Skating to "Chicago", they showed power and grace with a mature programme which was well executed except for one fall. A highlight was their line element which was fast with strong edges. 

In second place was Shooting Stars from Gosport who scored 24.07 points. Wearing flapper dresses, they kicked off the competition with "Pump Up the Jam" and got the audience clapping from the off. 

In third place was Magic from Slough. Scoring 21.14 points, they skated to a "Glee" medley with wide smiles and some team members singing their hearts out. They had a very neat pin wheel and some flexible positions with their catch spirals.
Junior B
Junior B  had three competitors, all from the UK.

Whizz Kids from Altrincham came first with 54.83 points. Skating to "The Greatest Showman", they had a strong opening with sharp movements and a speedy Pivot Block. There were plenty of tricks which delighted the crowd with splits and backflips and they gained a level 4 in their spins. Overall, they skated with good speed and had good flow across the ice, attempting more difficult turns and elements.

Unum from Sheffield came second with 43.37 points. They started with a clock motive and skated to "Dance Macabre" in a programme packed with choreographic intrigue. They travelled their circle well and had a dramatic Moves Element. The expressions were strong and reflected the nuances in the music and they maintained their fierceness to the end.

Magenta from Cardiff were third, skating to "Dare you to move" by Vitamin String Quartet. They scored 35.76 points in a programme which had a sophisticated feel and was perfectly matched by flowing, understated dresses.
Senior B

Senior B had two competitors within this category.

In first place was Aura from Lee Valley who scored 50.23 points. Wearing beautiful blue and very sparkly dresses, they skated a dramatic programme with a strong performance. It was a very fast and confident routine.

In second place was Allstars from Slough who scored 42.66 points. This was a Queen inspired programme which started with pairs lifts in a circle, pleasing the audience. It was an adventurous routine and attempted some very difficult elements including death spirals in their Pairs Element.
Heading Monday’s competition were the Juvenile teams.

Ice Gems from Nottingham were the clear winners in this category scoring 30.71 points. They rocketed into their programme with strong crossovers and maintained the speed and energy throughout their High School Musical routine.

In second place was Topaz from Aberdeen. Scoring 21.96 points, they skated to Greece in pink and black costumes. Their knee slides entrance was a particular highlight and they had high energy throughout their upbeat number.

Third place went to Novus from Sheffield who scored 18.69 points. Skating to the Addams Family, they incorporated some characterisation in their programme which was well executed and some strong elements.
With 5 teams competing in this category which had some of the competition’s youngest skaters, this was a very cute competition to watch.

In first place, skating to Baby Shark was Ice Pops from Nottingham who scored 22.81 points. The performance was confident and filled with references from the Youtube video. There were lots of changes of hold in the wheel which looked interesting and was well performed.

In second place was Twizzles from Altrincham who scored 19.04 points. They had some tiny skaters but with a circus inspired routine they conducted some clean elements and held their shapes well. The skaters were all smiles and looked like they were enjoying themselves thoroughly.

Starz from Aberdeen came in third place with 16.73 points. They skated to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in white and red costumes. They included a lot of dancing in their choreography which made the audience smile and they had a lot of speed in the Pivot Block.

The beginner category was another category filled with very tiny skaters and was very cute.

In first place was Solway Comets from Dumfries who scored 18.52 points. They skated in pretty pink dresses to "Winnie the Pooh" with light, soft skating befitting the music. Their back to back intersection was very confidently executed. 

In second place was Pearl from Bradford. They scored 16.27 points wearing cheerleading costumes and skating to "High School Musical". The looked confident and had some speed across the ice. Also, they chose to spend more time out of hold, upping the difficulty.

In third place was Stardust from Lee Valley. They scored 11.01 and skated to "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" wearing tails. They had a very neat programme and their elements were executed cleanly apart from one fall.
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Results - TOP 3

Britannia Cup 2020
Nottingham (GBR)
JAN 11, 2020 - JAN 12, 2020

TEAM Score
1Haydenettes (USA)206.66
2Adrian College (USA)171.90
3Hot Shivers Senior (ITA)157.94

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)176.15
2Starlights (USA)168.77
3DC Edge (USA)150.89

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Diamond Edges (FIN)74.33
2Valley Bay Synchronics (FIN)74.23
3Ice Dreams (GBR)50.50

Senior B
TEAM Score
1Aura (GBR)50.23
2All Stars (GBR)42.66

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Ice Unite (GBR)45.22
2Gosport Allstars (GBR)44.25
3Solway Eclipse (GBR)42.48