"Everyone is missing the ice so much"


Harriet is skating for the Lee Valley London Skating Club with the Senior B team Aura and the Adult team Orion.

Seven weeks... or almost 50 days since the rinks were closed and the British skaters were forced to put their skates away. In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to announce plans about England's lockdown this Sunday. Interview with Harriet, a 29 year-old synchro skater living in London.

"Our rink has been closed since the start of lockdown. We will hopefully find out what the next steps are from the Prime Minister this weekend," says Harriet, an active synchro skater from London who skates for the Lee Valley London Skating club with the Senior B team Aura and the Adult team Orion.

Member of two synchro teams, Harriet competes across two different categories (Senior B & Adult). "It means I have double the amount of training, but I love it and can't think of anything I would rather be doing!"

Two teams and a successful season

For Aura, the season 2019/20 was their first season competing at Senior B level (before the team was skating in the Mixed Age category). "We have worked really hard as a team both on and off the ice to be able to do our lift elements and we had a really successful season earning the title of British Senior B champions," explains Harriet.

Harriet is also excited about Team Orion's feats. "We have also had a really successful season placing at every competition this season and we are currently ranked the no.1 Adult team in the UK!"

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As the UK has been in lockdown for about 7 weeks, Harriet tries to stay busy during the day by doing exercises, speaking to friends and family. She has also volunteered to be part of a local sewing hub to sew scrubs for doctors and nurses in hospitals. 

Yoga and off-ice skating

"I have also started doing yoga which is really helping relieve anxiety and also is helping improve my flexibility. I do daily work out classes and regular training with our team personal trainer via video calls," she adds. Harriet also bought some 'off ice' skates to keep up the skating! "It's not quite the same as skating on the ice with my friends and teammates but I'm enjoying the new challenge!"

"I know everyone is missing the ice so much"

But that's not all. Harriet has published several funny videos on TikTok about synchro skating. "My main purpose for doing the funny videos is to make people laugh and to keep spirits up. I wanted to do something silly that other synchro skaters could relate to and make them smile as I know everyone is missing the ice so much. I love to see all the other funny synchro videos and teams doing videos together, it really helps keep us bonded in this tough time."


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Harriet's teams Aura and Orion are preparing the next synchro season by doing weekly video calls where the skaters do together their off-ice and fitness with their coaches and personal trainer. "It is really great we can still connect with each other but it is challenging because we can't all be in the same room!"

"This whole situation has made me realise how important synchro is to me"

For Harriet, the most important thing in these difficult times is to keep in touch with her teammates. Video calls, texts, or even writing a letter... It can really brighten up a day! 

"This whole situation has made me realise how important synchro is to me and how much I miss my teams. They are like a second family to me and I cant wait to be back on the ice with them soon!" explains this energic and creative skater.

Harriet skating with team Aura.

This weekend's announcements in the UK could indeed offer a glimmer of hope for synchro skaters if the country gradually relaxes some of the rules. In any case, even if a plan for easing the restrictions is expected this weekend, the government insisted that they will proceed with "maximum caution".