Team Together from Sweden is working on a doll-themed program


Team Together trainnig with their official practice dresses. (Credits: Daniel Klersfors - 2021)

The Advanced Novice team will compete for the first time this season on October 30 - 31, at this year's pre-event arranged by Kungsbacka KK, Team Together's home club.

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Coached by Lena Ehrenborg & Helena Ericson, Team Together consists this year of 14 skaters.

It wasn't easy to have a full team this year. The pool of skaters in Novice Basic was not very large, the team explains. This season, some junior skaters are coming to reinforce the team while also skating for Team Spirit (Junior team).
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Team Together are usually competing in the Advanced Novice division, and will, therefore, most likely, not qualify for the new Elite-12 category. The Elite-12 category should start this 2021-2022 season, but only for Juniors and Seniors.

What we've learned about Elite 12
The new category for the 2021-22 season
Team Together is working on a dolled-theme program. Some of the music pieces chosen for their program comes from Wintergatan, a Swedish folktronica band from Gothenburg.

Among the team's previous accomplishments:

- Gold at Nacka Synchro Skate 2021 (score 82.36)

- Gold at Swedish Nationals 2020 (score 75.86)

- Silver at Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy 2020 (score 68.50)

Team Together will present their new program in a month. (Credits: Daniel Klersfors - 2021)

Team Together will be competing at a real, on-site pre-event that will take place on October 30 - 31. According to the Swedish Figure Skating Association, this year's pre-event will be arranged by Kungsbacka KK, Team Together's home club.

Then, the team will skate at Swedish Nationals and maybe Leon Lurje Trophy. They're also aiming for one competition abroad but haven't decided yet where.

Team Together 2021-22 (Credits: Daniel Klersfors)

Sweden removed most of its remaining COVID-19 restrictions on Wednesday, despite rising case numbers. For example the advice to work from home and limits on hospitality venues, but also distance between parties and limits for gatherings and events are also being removed.

This Nordic country has been an outlier in aspects of its handling of the disease, shunning hard lockdowns throughout the pandemic, which limited the impact of the crisis for synchronized skating teams.