Team Antique: Champion of Oberstdorf Adult Competition


Finnish Team Antique found their the way to the podium top with intricate choreography. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2024)

Six Adult synchro teams competed head-on in Germany and the Finnish Team Antique fought their way to the podium top. Discover how the teams performed in this famous international Adult figure skating competition.

ADV picture
Towards the end of the 2023-24 figure skating season, it is finally the turn for Adults around the globe to gather and skate competitively.

This year, the 2024 Oberstdorf edition of the ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition launched a new logo and a different competition schedule than previous years. This time, the synchro event took place on Friday, May 17th, instead of the usual Saturdays.

Six synchro teams from Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, and Switzerland raced against each other in the lovely southern German village.

Team Antique offered their best to international spectators. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2024)

Team Antique from Finland scored 39.59 and secured the podium top spot. They skated to a medley of upbeat music, including “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” “Back On Top,” and “I Will Survive.” They skated with good speed, polished movement, and no major errors throughout the program. Their blocks with tight lines and regular formation were especially pleasant to watch. Their gold medals were well deserved.

Team Starlight Diamonds having their best of time.  (Credits: Roy Ng - 2024)

The runner-up Team Starlight Diamonds (31.24 points) from Zurich, Switzerland with 12 skaters on ice who were dressed in sharp & shocking pink dresses presented their program based on “Trustfall” and “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” by the pop singer P!nk. Shapes were generally well maintained and the program was delivered with no major error. They also managed to get their Line element called at Level 3.

Czech Team Crazy Ladies proved themselves worthy of podium position.  (Credits: Roy Ng - 2024)

The bronze medalist Team Crazy Ladies from the Czech Republic had 13 skater and they presented their program which was based on the music “Derniere Danse” by Indila. They delivered a steady performance with no fall and consequently earned 30.76 points.
ADV picture

Canadians Team Nova Ice giving it all! (Credits: Roy Ng - 2024)

Canadian Team Nova Ice, who came from the eastern province of Nova Scotia, picked “Radioactive” of the Imagine Dragon for their music. Their elements transitioned smoothly from one to another. Their intersection which concluded the program was certainty a pinnacle of their 27.46 point program.

Finnish Team Riverbulls remains spectators' favourite.  (Credits: Roy Ng - 2024)

The whole ice rink enthusiastically welcomed the return of the all-male Finnish team of Riverbulls skating to their Grand Prix theme program (25.74 points). They have incorporated many interesting maneuvers, such as a death spiral at the end, to highlight their program. This unique team improves every year in terms of skating speed and choreographic complexity.

For the Hungarian Frostwork Adult team, Oberstdorf is a memorable event. (Crédits : Roy Ng - 2024)

Team Frostwork Adult with 12 skaters from Miskolc of Hungary skated to a medley of Bon Jovi music “Livin’ On a Prayer”, “It’s My Life” and “Born To Be My Baby”. Although apparently they were learners of skating, they delivered their performance successfully with no fall and managed to get their Line Element called at Level 3 which is a remarkable achievement to remember fondly.
To conclude, the Oberstdorf Adult Figure Skating Competition allowed adult skaters once again to enjoy fully doing what they like in front of a large, mutually supportive community. Let's hope that more adult synchro teams can come and experience it first-hand.

Did you want to be in the arena but could not attend in person? Have a look at the livestream! Synchro starts at the 8hr44min mark. You can also watch other events on the same day, such as Ice Dance and Single’s Free Skate, from the beginning.