A great battle in the Junior division


Second after the short program, Team Seaside finally won gold this weekend! (Credits: Daniel Klerfors, Figure Skating Pictures - 2022)

The Swedish national championships were held this weekend in front of a large crowd.

ADV picture
This weekend, Swedish Nationals took place in Mölndal, just outside of Gothenburg on the west coast. The weather was slightly cold in the shadow, but a clear blue sky made it a beatify weekend, the audience was happy, and all the teams were able to warm up outdoors in the sun.

On Saturday, the Debutants started the competition, only two teams participated in nationals. Team Fantazy from Ytterby claimed gold with 33.46 points, followed by Team Seastar from Tjörn with 26.70.

Junior, a tight competition
In the Junior category, it was likely to be a tight competition as it has been the entire season, and you could feel the tension in the arena when Team Spirit from Mölndal/Kungsbacka being in their home rink first entered the ice, performing a clean short program earning them 57,45 points.

Team Seaside from Tjörn, who was up next, had an unfortunate fall in the Twizzle Element and ended up with 54,89 points, making sure the Sunday would be as exciting as the Saturday.

Team Spirit won the short program event. (Credits: Daniel Klerfors, Figure Skating Pictures - 2022)

There was only one team competing in the Senior category, the Swedish national team, Team Inspire from Landvetter, coached by the former Team Surprise coach Andrea Dohany.

The audience is always very enthusiastic to see the only current senior team in Sweden, and they performed a good skate, although with a fall in the Travelling Circle. Team Inspire was rewarded with 66,17 points for their short program.

On Sunday, the arena was very crowded, and both skaters and spectators were thrilled: first nationals in two years, and finally with an audience, after Sweden removed all pandemic-related restrictions just two weeks ago. 

The first division was the Advanced Novice category, with six participating teams. The 12 skaters of Team Together from Kungsbacka claimed gold with 77.87 even though they had two falls. Team Harmony skated an energetic program and finished slightly behind with 70.02, claiming silver.

In third place, Team Caprice from Nacka earned 64,74 points for the powerful "Hunger Games" inspired program. The other teams competing finished in the following order, Team Seaflowers (62,99), Team Limelight (58,14) and Team Luna (43,86).

Team Together, Novice champions 2022! (Credits: Daniel Klerfors, Figure Skating Pictures - 2022)

Then it was time for the battle of titans, the Juniors.

Team Seaside, who was in second place after the first day, started with their powerful storm program. This performance really got the audience going. Seaside had a fall in the No Hold element but still gained a score of 102.46 for the free skate, resulting in a total of 157.35.

So Spirit had all the pressure on the shoulders performing their Raindance program in their home arena. Team Spirit had an unfortunate fall in an intersection, making a total score of 97.55 in the free program and 155.00 in total.

It was tight, but the Team Seaside, which won both qualifiers, took home the gold medal, becoming 2022 national champions.

Team Inspire, the only Senior ISU team. (Credits: Daniel Klerfors, Figure Skating Pictures - 2022)

The audience was then warmed up when it was time for the Senior team.

Team Inspire performed their "Frug Show" program, not fault-free, but with a lot of energy and speed. Even though they had some issues, including a creative element that wasn't accepted by the technical panel. The program was very innovative and an inspiration to others. Team Inspire was rewarded with 111.55 points for their free skate, making a total score of 177.72 points.

The days ended with a prize ceremony where the medals were handed over to the teams by the Swedish Figure Skating Association chairman, Helena Rosén Andersson.

Results - TOP 3

Swedish National Championships 2022
Mölndal (SWE)
FEB 26, 2022 - FEB 27, 2022

TEAM Score
1Team Inspire (SWE)177.72

TEAM Score
1Team Seaside (SWE)157.35
2Team Spirit (SWE)155.00

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Together (SWE)77.87
2Team Harmony (SWE)70.02
3Team Caprice (SWE)64.74