Trophy d'Ecosse 2018: junior and senior competitions


Adrian College Senior (USA), Free Program. /Credits : Sean McKinnon

The Dumfries Ice Bowl, Scotland, was heaving with hoards of excited fans and skaters today with the culmination of the ISU event. 1500 competitor passes had been handed out for the 3 day competition and fans were sitting on steps and stood in crowds at the boards to watch the Junior and Senior events.


On Friday, teams skated their short programmes with Nexxice, Canada coming 1st with 69.63 points, Adrian College Varsity SST, USA, coming 2nd with 58.34 points and Team Viola, GBR, coming 3rd with 33.70 points. 

Saturday saw 5 teams fighting for a podium place. Up first was Team Zariba, GBR, skating to a Moulin Rouge medley. They showed strength in their lifts but were troubled by the angled intersection and then suffered a fall in the no-hold block. They scored 54.68 points coming 4th with 80.35 overall. 

Next was Wight Jewels, Isle of Wight, with a space theme. They had two impressive floatation lifts and pleased the crowd with their impeccably timed costume change mid routine. However, they struggled with one of their lifts and had a collision in the circle, resulting in two skaters falling. They came 5th with a TSS of 51.20 and 71.82 overall. 

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Then came Team Viola, GBR, skating to a Beatles medley. They skated a flawless programme and had a season's best with 76.70 points, 110.40 in total, gaining the bronze medal. 

After that was Adrian College Varsity SST, USA, in blue sparkly dresses, skating to Sourin' by Jerry Goldsmith. The skaters flew in the air and across the ice in a wonderfully light and airy programme with axels galore scoring 115.26, 173.60 overall earning the silver medal. 

Finally, Nexxice, Canada, took to the ice. The world bronze medalists skated in a range of blue costumes to a blues inspired programme. The audience was enthralled and in awe with the exquisite performance and they deservedly earned the gold medal with 131.10 points, 200.73 overall. 


5 teams skated in the junior category. In the short programme yesterday, Chicago Jazz, USA came first with 52.89 points, Hockettes, USA came second with 38.84 points and Icicles, GBR came 3rd with 36.63 points. 

Today, Solway Stars, GBR skated first to music from the film Moana with flowing blue costumes. Although there was a fall in the no hold block, the programme was ethereal and the audience was disappointed when it ended. They scored 60.63 points, 95.98 overall and came 5th. 

In 4th place was Icicles, GBR, who skated to a Michael Jackson medley. It was an entertaining and energetic programme however there was a fall in the angled intersection. 

Ice Infinity, Finland fought their was to 3rd place in purple sparkly costumes. They skated to Romeo and Juliette and their choreography stayed true to the literature however they sustained a fall earning 68.54 points, 104.70 in total. 

In second place was Hockettes, USA skating to Cher. The choreography was perfectly matched with the music and the crowd especially appreciated the clock formation during 'Turn back Time.' They also sustained a fall in the angled intersection and scored 68.46 points and 107.30 overall. 

The standout performance in the Junior Category was Chicago Jazz, USA. They skated an opulent skate to Die Fledermaus Overture in classical purple sparkly costumes, earning the gold medal with 96.10 points and 149.79 in total. 

"The skate was incredible. We really accomplished all the goals we set for ourselves and we're very excited to compete in (US) Nationals in 2 weeks. We came to Scotland as an assignment from US figure skating and we've come from a competition in Sweden 2 weeks ago. We're excited to put in a positive performance here. Our presentation was perfect and our facial expressions were what we've worked on!" Sophia (Chicago Jazz)