US and German teams win gold at Mozart Cup


Team Berlin 1 performed its free program "The Power of water". (Credits: Mario Huth - 2021)

The second day of the Mozart Cup saw a great competition, especially in the senior division. The American teams kept the lead in the junior division.

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A great senior competition
Team Berlin 1 starts the year 2022 well! The German team won gold at the Mozart Cup for its return to international competition. On Saturday, the team performed a clean program to "The Power of Water", totalling 125.11 for a global score of 186.26. 

Third after the short program, Olympia performed very well in the free programs. The Czech team had almost the same technical levels as Team Berlin 1, but slightly lower in the program components (total: 171.62). 

United Angels could not maintain its 2nd place earned the day before. However, the team from Stuttgart, Germany, reached its best score ever and finished 4th in the free programs, but 3rd in the end with a total score of 158.48. 

Team Ice on Fire, on the other hand, was convincing with their free program. Despite a fall in the 2nd intersection, the Italian team finished in 4th place with 151.65. The team has nevertheless shown enormous improvements over the last few months.

Team Illumination, which had a music problem at the beginning of the performance, finished 5th. However, Team Darlings (CZE) is not far behind with 0.51 points difference. 

Juniors: U.S. teams shined
In the junior competition, the Skyliners, who were in the lead after the short programs, started their program with a fall at the beginning of the Pivoting Block. This kind of mistake cost the team heavily. However, the U.S. skaters immediately rebounded and skated the rest of the program flawlessly. Thanks to their excellent lead, the team won the competition hands down with 112.70 in the free program and 175.66 overall. 

The Hockettes (USA) skated an adorable free program on Saturday in Salzburg. Half of the skaters on the ice wore pink dresses, and the other half wore grey dresses, which brought some nice variations to the performance. With 105.90, they finished 2nd with a score of 163.37.

Fond du Lac Blades, also representing the USA, delivered a powerful and confident performance, finishing on Beyoncé's "Single Ladies". With 108.86 points for the free program, the team was delighted. They finished 2nd in the free program but 3rd in the final ranking. 

Four other junior teams took part in the competition and presented colourful and dynamic programs. Harmonia (CZE) surpassed the 100 points mark, finishing 4th, and the only Austrian team, Vienna Colibris, moved up one place.

In the Advanced Novice, four teams were competing.

The victory went to Kometa (CZE) who achieved a score of 55.15. The Swiss team Cool Dreams won silver and Munich Destiny from Germany won bronze. Team Melodia finished 4th.

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Results - TOP 3

Mozart Cup 2022
Salzburg (AUT)
JAN 28, 2022 - JAN 30, 2022

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)175.66
2Hockettes (USA)163.37
3Fond du Lac Blades (USA)159.13

TEAM Score
1Team Berlin 1 (GER)186.26
2Olympia (CZE)171.62
3United Angels (GER)158.48

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Kometa (CZE)55.15
2Cool Dreams (SUI)53.25
3Munich Destiny (GER)45.22