Helsinki Rockettes took the victory with excellent technical skills


The Helsinki Rockettes in their new free program "The Muse". (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2020)

The second day of the first Finnish qualifications in Tampere offered great performances in every category. The final order of Seniors remained the same, but the rankings of Juniors changed, and Novices showed some great performances.

ADV picture
Helsinki Rockettes was the last team to took the ice on Sunday. They ended the season´s first qualification competition with a flawless free program and gathered 142.98 points; the total score of victory points was 216.08. The team relied on its feminine style and skated their theme “Muse” in Greek-influenced black and gold costumes with solid self-confidence.

The silver medalist was Team Unique. This team, known for its sportiness, showed its sensitive side with a flowing program “Garden of Eden”. They received 136.80 points for their free program and collected a total score of 207.17 points. Their forest green and light costumes fit the theme well, and the elements followed one another seamlessly, forming a beautiful whole.

Team Unique in its new free program. (Credits: S.J. Photos - 2020)

With a total score of 193.06 points, Marigold IceUnity finished third. They had an unfortunate fall in the Move Element, which drastically reduced their technical points. Otherwise, the performance was powerful, and there was a lot of interesting variability in the program named “Storm”. Dark black and purple costumes with a flash image on the chest highlighted the performance's menacing atmosphere that scored 124.47 points.

In the junior category, Dream Edges rose from second place to victory. They took the gold medal with 184.08 points, scoring 118.91 for their free program “Symbol of Peace”. As usual, the team´s choreography was inventive, and the skaters had internalized it well.

Team Fintastic took second place, earning a total score of 181.28 points. Like their “big sisters” Helsinki Rockettes, they have an unmistakable style and good skating skills that brought them 115.42 points for their free program ”Spell of the Sirens”.

Team Mystique also improved their previous day’s ranking and received the bronze medal with 110.21 points for their free program “Nefertiti”. It is an exciting story of an ancient queen of Egypt rising from her grave to revenge her miserable fate. The team gathered a total score of 167.38 points.

Team Fintastic in their new free program. (Credits: S.J. Photos - 2020)

Valley Bay Synchro, unfortunately, failed in its program “Loneliness”. They had four falls, and as a result, they earned 87.69 points for the free program and lost the third place. Their final score was 151.59, and they came in fourth place.

The fifth place went to Musketeers. After an unfortunate short program, they improved their ranking nicely. They got 99.32 points for their free program ”Magic Carpet”, earning a total score of 143.91 points.

Musketeers made a nice comeback in the Junior ranking, moving from 8th to 5th place. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2020)

FireBlades (135.01) also improved their ranking and rose to sixth place in final results. Team Estreija (130.59) did not quite reach the previous day's level and ended up in seventh place. Ice Steps (128.58) improved its ranking by two places and took place number eight.

Ice Infinity (124.28) kept the ninth place. Unluckily Stella Polaris (119.99) had some falls, and it messed up their performance. They were in sixth place after the short program, but they came in 12th place and eventually finished tenth in the free program. Sun City Swing (119.51) was 11th, Reflections (116.72) was 12th, and Festa Aboensia (95.15) 13th.

Novices Advanced
In the Advanced Novices category (group 2), Valley Bay Synchronics won the event. Their theme and music referred to India, and the program “Holi  - celebration of spring and colors” presented in colorful outfits was cheery and speedy. They earned a total score of 85.06 points.

Not far behind was the silver medalist Team Dynamique skating the theme “Narnia”. They succeeded brilliantly in Program Components, and their performance was skillful and smooth. The panel gave them 83.38 points.

To the delight of the organizing club Tappara, their local team CrystalBlades received a bronze medal. Their theme, “Star of Africa” took the skaters on an adventure across the continent. The music and atmosphere varied nicely throughout the performance and they got 70.68 points.

Valley Bay Synchronics won the Novice competition. (Credits: S.J.Photos - 2020)

Ten teams skated in this category and presented their new free program.

Aurora Borealis finished 4th, followed by Sun City Synchro (5th), Ice Fantasy (6th), Team Soleil (7th), Filiae Aboenses, Team Ice Mist and Les Visions.

Because of the Covid-19 situation, there was no distribution of medals at all. The teams received them privately on their way home or by post.

After this first competition, the skaters have a month to practice before the second qualifications, arranged in Helsinki on 12. -13 December 2020.

Results - TOP 3

Finnish first qualifications 2020
Tampere (FIN)
NOV 07, 2020 - NOV 08, 2020

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Finettes (FIN)86.20
2Starlights (FIN)80.70
3Diamond Edges (FIN)74.81

TEAM Score
1Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)216.08
2Team Unique (FIN)207.71
3Marigold IceUnity (FIN)193.06

TEAM Score
1Dream Edges (FIN)184.08
2Team Fintastic (FIN)181.28
3Team Mystique (FIN)167.38

TEAM Score
1Valley Bay Synchronics (FIN)85.06
2Team Dynamique (FIN)83.38
3CrystalBlades (FIN)70.68