Porter Classic Recap: One to Remember


Hockettes skated at home in front of their friends and family and won the Junior title. (Credits: Hockettes - 2023)

Last weekend, hundreds of teams made their way to the Great Lakes state to compete in a competition that celebrates the history of this sport.

The first weekend of December is a memorable one for most synchro skaters in the United States because it's Porter week!

The Dr. Richard Porter Classic is unlike other competitions. It's a competition that connects skaters with the rich history of the sport while giving them a competition that they will never forget.

Nonetheless, the competition was exciting and had plenty of entertaining synchro skating involved. Here are some of the highlights of the 27th Annual Dr. Richard Porter Classic: 

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An important competition took place in Finland this weekend
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Even though there were only two Senior teams, both teams preformed exhilarating programs that captivated everyone's attention.

Miami University Senior Varsity came into Porter confident and earned a combined score of 205.29, over fifty points higher than Adrian College. In less than a month, Miami increased their score by 28 points (177.10 at the Synchro Fall Classic)

Adrian College Varsity earned the silver medal at Porter. Their free program featured beautiful blue dresses and the song Fix You, which featured gorgeous choreography that complimented their music perfectly. 

Hockettes was the only Junior team to compete at Porter. Even though they had two falls in their short, Hockettes had a clean program and earned a combined score of 152.82.
Elite 12
Just like Junior, Hockettes were also the only team in this division. Both their short and free programs ere clean skates, which earned them a combined score of 165.53.
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With ten teams in the division, Collegiate was a fun one!

This year, two teams broke the 100-point mark. Miami University Collegiate won the gold with over 105 points and Northernettes notched a 101.06 even with a fall. 

Following with the bronze, Trine University Varsity inched near 100-points with their captivating Romeo and Juliet theme. After withdrawing from the Kalamazoo Kick-Off Classic last month, Trine did not miss a beat coming back into the competition season. 

Western Michigan followed with the pewter, earning a 92.82 with their Ke$sha-themed program. 

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