Americans and Russians secured top spots in Leon Lurje Trophy 2018


The Haydenettes (USA) won the Senior competition with a five-point lead over the local Team Surprise. / Credits: Roy Ng Photography

Synchro fans all over the world had their eyes riveted on Sweden hosting this weekend. Almost 40 Debutants, Novices, Juniors and Seniors teams competed in the Frölundaborg Arena in a great atmosphere.

On Sunday, the Leon Lurje Cup and Trophy 2018 started with the award ceremony for Debutant category. Six Swedish teams skated on the day before. Champion Team Crystal took the gold medal with 35.54 points. Their elegantly white dresses with meretriciously printed green leaves added flair to their pleasant program. Silver medallist Team Happiness earned 32.21 points with “Ghostbuster” theme program. Following closely was the bronze medallist Team Sidera with a score of 31.53 points. Their theme this season is “Adams Family”.

Novice category teams skated their Free Program again as the combined scores determined the winner of the game. So the 13 teams were eager to bring the best of their programs out once more after gaining experience from the day before. 

Undisputable champion Russian team Sunrise 2 (total: 127.46) from St. Petersburg clearly set themselves apart from their peers after an elaborate warm-up routine which incorporated difficult tricks. Their “Pele - Birth of a Legend” program, which was paired with Brazilian yellow and green dress, demonstrated speed and strong skills of all skaters. Despite a hiccup when executing intersection, the remaining program was executed well with Line and No-hold Element called at level 4. 

Runner-up Finnish Dream Steps (total: 102.61) edged out bronze medallist Crystal Blades (total: 102.25) by 0.36 points although Crystal Blades scored higher on the second day.

Sunrise 2 of Russia, winners in the novice division with a total of 127.46 points (64.03 and 63.43). / Credits: Roy Ng Photography

In the Junior category, Russian Sunrise 1 (SP: 67.88; FS: 102.28; total: 170.16) also made audience in awe right from warm-up. The program reflected their strong confidence in skaters’ skills with difficult maneuvers and intricate steps. Out of seven elements the Pair, No-hold and Circle were called at level 4. At the end of their “Hall of Mountain Ring” program audience gave rounds and rounds of applause.

The skaters of Sunrise 1 (RUS) during their performance in Sweden this weekend. / Credits: Roy Ng Photography

Silver medallist Lexettes (SP: 61.81; FS: 96.48; total: 158.29) from the USA showed the spectators with energetic “La La Land” theme program. Nexxice Junior (SP: 57.98; FS: 94.82; total: 152.80) from Canada followed closely. Their Free program was also a piece of art with elements weaved together seamlessly.

Differences in Short Program scores between the top two Seniors were relatively small so teams worked hard on the second day to beat their opponents since any small difference in score could be a big difference in the podium positions.

Haydenettes (SP: 73.03; FS: 124.10; total: 197.13) from the USA delivered their “Underground Nightlife” program with fast-paced actions matched with elaborate facial expression to convey the mood. Silver medallist Team Surprise (SP: 70.78; FS: 121.33; total: 192.11) did not disappoint their home crowd with “Mother Nature” program which was also packed with well-timed elements.

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In Gothenburg, many teams showed their readiness for World Championship Junior and Senior. Spectators can expect that they will be impressed once again in Zagreb and Stockholm as they have been enlightened this time. 

Results - TOP 3

Leon Lurje Trophy 2018
Göteborg (SWE)
JAN 25, 2018 - JAN 28, 2018

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Sunrise 2 (RUS)127.46
2Dream Steps (FIN)102.61
3CrystalBlades (FIN)102.25

TEAM Score
1Sunrise 1 (RUS)170.16
2Lexettes (USA)158.29
3Nexxice (CAN)152.80

TEAM Score
1Haydenettes (USA)197.13
2Team Surprise (SWE)192.11
3Miami University (USA)156.84