Team Surprise: "The decision has grown over the past years"


One of the oldest synchronized skating teams, Sweden's Team Surprise, shocked its fans in early October by announcing that there would be no more team. / Credits: Sebastien Muller

More than a month after the announcement of the Team Surprise to stop its activities, Jura Synchro offers you a special interview about this decision that caused a thunderclap among synchronized skating fans. A sports development project is in preparation in Sweden. Interview with former team captain and ambassador, Nathalie Lindqvist.

As the ISU synchro athletes ambassador and Team Surprise last captain, how do you feel now?
Nathalie Lindqvist: As a skater, I'm very sad and it's has been a tough time since we release our announcement. At the same time, I'm very proud and grateful for having the opportunity to share the best experiences of my life with the most amazing, driven and inspiring teammates, managers, and coach Andrea Dohany. Andrea has always been truly inspirational. Both I and the team can't thank her enough for everything we've learned from her and that she has given us - to be a part of her legacy and the world's most successful synchronized skating team. 

A lot of fans want to know why did you have to take this decision…
In order to compete in the world of elite sports, you have to raise the bar year over year. This was the core value and work ethic of Team Surprise throughout our history. The world of Synchronized Skating has taken us in many different directions, with the international organizations and various systems of rules. 

For how long has your team been thinking about this decision?
It’s a decision that has grown over the past years and it has not been an easy one. 

Team Surprise - Short Program, Stockholm 2018. /Credits: Sebastien Muller

We’ve learned that a program for Synchronized Skating will be built in Sweden. What is exactly this project?
All the details are not set yet. Andrea will start to work together with some of the Team Surprise athletes, to train coaches and athletes on techniques. We need to combine theory, with practical education and strong training examples. Andrea will create a sustainable development pathway for Synchronized Skating and the athletes in Sweden. Andrea wants to continue to work with the athletes of Team Surprise. 

Who is in charge of this project?
The Swedish federation together with Andrea. Andrea is an important key person for this project and it’s with her experience and knowledge that we want to educate skaters and teams. 

Team Surprise was the first synchro team to present this special lift that is today very popular. /Credits: Sebastien Muller

What will do now the Team Surprise’s former skaters? 
Together with Andrea, we share our knowledge and experience as one of the world's leading and best team to other teams in Sweden and the world. Andrea has an extreme knowledge of the sport that she now teaches to us. 

What are now your personal ambitions Nathalie? 
My love for Synchronized Skating is huge and I want to be part of this beautiful sport. I don’t have all the details today how I will work but I’m absolutely sure I want to continue to learn from Andrea and work for the sport to take the next step forward so it continues to evolve.