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    Roy NG
    Correspondent | Photographer
    Hong Kong

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    "I am just a recreational skater who can't even properly stop on ice! My first trip to World Championship 2016 was fantastic and I became a synchro fan since then. I enjoy travelling and taking photos along my trips. If not traveling I am probably either working hard, studying something, meeting friends or plane spotting. Work hard play hard I believe!"

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    "A great inspiration and something I am eager to share with my friends."

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Japanese teams get ready for the Worlds

The 30th Japan National Synchronized Skating Championship, along with the 2024 Japan Synchronized Skating Open Competition, were held over the weekend of 3-4 February 2024 at Kyoto Aquarena. Fourteen teams competed for the gold medals in the Senior, Junior, Intermediate, Juvenile and Open Age categories.

img Challenger Series

Day 3 of the Budapest Cup: exciting competitions for all

The last day of the Budapest Cup 2024 remained exciting for all. Champions were declared for Juvenile, Mixed Age and ISU Junior categories.

img Challenger Series

Day 2 of the Budapest Cup: Les Suprêmes is Crowned Champion

On the second day of the Budapest Cup, top-level junior and senior teams battled it out for medals. The Basic Novices teams also had the opportunity to impress spectators during this sunny Hungarian weekend.

img Challenger Series

Day 1 of Budapest Cup 2024: Excitement Begins!

The 2024 Budapest Cup is the second of the 2023/24 season Challenger Series events, and it has been highly anticipated since many top teams gathered in Budapest since the last time it was held in 2019. Scores were close between some teams and winners were decided only by the end of the game. So what happened on the first day of the Cup?

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