The Finnish team Lumineers is gearing up for an exciting synchro competitive year


Their new short program "has both a more serious side and a more sensitive side". (Credits: Matti Sten - 2021)

21 skaters and 6 new ones. The Finnish senior team Lumineers can't wait to make its return to international competitions.

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"We are feeling very excited that the competition season is finally about to begin! The past few days, we have fine-tuned our short program and focused on our interpretation so that it is ready to be presented to a large audience next weekend," Lumineers skaters said a few days before the Finlandia Trophy

The team will perform its new short program, "Danse Macabre". They are therefore skating to Charles-Camille Saint Saëns’ masterpiece for this first international event.

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"We would like to bring a relatively wide range of emotions to the ice. The program has both a more serious side and a more sensitive side. In addition, the program has a very playful outing," explained the Espoo team, who will have the advantage of competing at home.

Lumineers finished their short program in June, just before their 4-week summer break. "During summer, we focused on improving our individual skills such as endurance and strength. After summer, we have worked on the choreography and technical elements of both programs," said the team.

"Last season was challenging but we learned a lot from it"
Lumineers' coaching staff has partially changed after last season. In the last few months, the Senior team has sought difficulty in its programs and made its skating style more cohesive and dynamic than before.

"Last season was, of course, very different. We only participated in one live competition here in Finland and a few virtual competitions. Last season was challenging, but we learned a lot from it," said the team.

Maikki Merilehto is no longer the Lumineers' coach
Her interview

Lumineers' short program this season: "Danse Macabre". (Credits Teemu Nymander - 2021)

This season, the Lumineers team comprises 21 skaters, of which 6 are new to the team. Most of them came from their own junior teams, and two came from the junior team, Ice Infinity.

A few days before the competition, the Senior team is very excited to perform in real finally. "Finlandia Trophy is always a very well organized competition, and the atmosphere is always very good. It feels so good to be back in front of an audience."

Where to see Lumineers this season?
For their free program, Lumineers will tell and interpret a historical event. "The program tells a story and goes through a variety of strong emotions," explained the team, who will be announcing its free program's theme soon after the Finlandia Trophy.

For the rest of the season, and apart from the competitions in Finland, Lumineers plans to participate in two Challenger Series competitions: Hevelius Cup in Poland and Lumiere Cup in the Netherlands in January, as well as Spring Cup in Milan (Italy) in February.

"We are feeling very excited that the competition season is finally about to begin!" (Credits: Matti Sten - 2021)

Team Paradise (RUS) is also preparing for this weekend
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Results - TOP 3

Finlandia Trophy 2021
Espoo (FIN)
OCT 08, 2021 - OCT 10, 2021

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)75.39
2Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)70.38
3Team Unique (FIN)69.47