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Roy NG

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    Roy NG
    Correspondent | Photographer
    Hong Kong

    45 Articles | 93 Photos


    "I am just a recreational skater who can't even properly stop on ice! My first trip to World Championship 2016 was fantastic and I became a synchro fan since then. I enjoy travelling and taking photos along my trips. If not traveling I am probably either working hard, studying something, meeting friends or plane spotting. Work hard play hard I believe!"

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    "A great inspiration and something I am eager to share with my friends."

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Tokyo Kicks Start New Competition Season

After the summer break, synchro teams become busy again in preparation for competition season. Let us learn what is happening in Tokyo, Japan.

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From Skating to Coaching: a Japanese experience

In 2020 we had the pleasure to interview Yurika Ando and learnt about her experience skating in Team Berlin 1. Fast-forward a few years we happily met her again in a local competition in Kyoto, Japan, as she was coaching a Junior team. Interested in knowing how she has been doing? Keep reading.

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Canadian Team Force Claims Gold in Oberstdorf

“Don’t underestimate the Force!” Darth Vader was right. Team Force from Canada proved themselves worthy of gold medals in Oberstdorf, Germany, where adult skaters from five countries competed this weekend.

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Kyoto Prefecture in Japan Witnessed Synchro Skating

Kyoto-Uji Synchronized Skating Teams showcased synchro in a local prefecture figure skating competition. Here is what happened.

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