Junior Worlds 2022: Here's what happened in the short programs


Team Fintastic from Finland took the lead in Innsbruck, Austria. (Credits: © Skate Austria / Theresa Marka) 

The ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships take place this weekend in Innsbruck, Austria, Friday and Saturday. 23 teams representing 18 countries have been entered.

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This is the seventh edition of the Juniors Worlds, which has become annual in 2017.

The event was cancelled in 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic, and in 2020 (look at the results), several teams cancelled their participation. Therefore, it is a big comeback on the international scene for many teams! 

The Worlds take place in the Olympiaworld in Innsbruck. (Credits: Jocelyn Song - 2022)

Opening Ceremony
The competition opened with an opening ceremony with music and several performances on ice, including the flags of the participating countries. 

Group 1
The German Skating Graces opened the competition with their "Lord of the dance" program. Dressed in green dresses with black tights, the team had a first fall in the intersection (whip) and a second in the No Hold Element. In their first-ever World Championships appearance, the Skating Graces started with a score of 29.32. 

With 21.49 points, the Golden Roses team, coached by Özge Özkaya in Turkey, skated a clean program to the theme of Matrix. The green and black dresses were particularly well done. 

It's been a long time since we saw the Zagreb Snowflakes from Croatia who skated a short program to the song "Hit the Road Jack". In silver dresses, the team totalled 28.50 points for the short program. 

The Italian team Hot Shivers made a great impression with the short program. The performance was chic and clean, with nice edges. Andrea Gilardi's team collected 50.27 points for the short. 

Team Harmonia from the Czech Republic skated their short program with energy in black and gold costumes. The program started with a well-executed Moves Element. Their score: 38.81

Group 2
Team Magic from Hungary presented its program to "Lucifer" by Amy Stroup. With red and black dresses representing hell, the team skated with confidence and great technique on Friday night. The Hungarians received 45.72 points.

Representing Spain, Team Mirum skated to the theme of "Shang-Chi" in interesting costumes (not to forget the great bun!). The team from Madrid scored 29.60. 

Iceskateers Elite from Australia presented a positive and energetic program to the song "Hip" by Mamamoo and Hwasa. The Brisbane team started the competition with 28.47. 

The sound of trumpets and the fast beat allowed Team Icicles to make a great comeback after almost two years of pandemic. The Nottingham team skated in colorful costumes to "BomBom" from Sam and the Womp, totalling 36.69 points. 

Team Illuminettes (NED) skated their program to the theme Angels and Demons; the skaters all had a wing on their back. Thanks to their short program, the team from Eindhoven collected 34.07 points (ded -1,5). 

Vienna Colibris from Austria skated to the famous song "I'm still standing" bringing a great atmosphere to the rink. Upon hearing their score (30.44), the team jumped for joy on the Kiss & Cry! 

Group 3
Team Seaside from Sweden presented "Flashlight", a very bright program skated with precision and good speed. Despite a fall just before the No Hold Element, the team performed well and received 54.84 points. 

Les Suprêmes delivered a great performance on Friday night in Innsbruck. The Canadian champions interpreted their version of the movie "47 Meters Down" to a classical music piece by adding technically difficult elements and exciting transitions. Their score for the short program: was 68.79

The Polish team Le Soleil participated in its first world junior championships. With music by Hans Zimmer and green dresses, the team scored 43.49 points. 

Full of energy and with exact choreography, the Musketeers from Finland skated their short program "Light at the end of the tunnel" without any major error. The team led by Anu Oksanen and his staff scored 65.75 points, the 2nd highest score achieved so far. 

Cool Dreams from Switzerland skated to "Hustle" by Pink. Even though it was the first world championships for many athletes, they did very well in their short program, achieving a score of 49.34

Representing Sweden, Team Spirit presented their "Tango Amore", a performance full of charm. Dressed in red and black dresses, the skaters managed to get 61.92 points for their short program, beating their compatriots from Seaside.

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Group 4
Reining World junior champions, the athletes of Team Fintastic (FIN) opened the last group. Their short program "Force of Her Nature" gave them 72.83 points. By far the best score so far!

Skating to a Lady Gaga song, the Polish Team Ice Fire delivered a clean and emotional program. The team also showed an excellent technical level and a nice quality of skating skills. The team totalled 53.03 points. 

Nexxice Junior from Canada had a fall in the intersection (whip). Nevertheless, the mistake was quickly forgotten thanks to the great performance delivered by the team of Trish Perdue-Mills and Julia Mills-Bolton. The song "You Say" by Lauren Daigle gave goosebumps. Their score: 58.42

The audience continued to shiver with the Skyliners' program to "Hallelujah". The American team skated a clean program full of emotion and delicacy that went perfectly with their sparkling purple dresses. Team Skyliners received 72.34 points, which places them in 2nd place but very close to Finland's Fintastic. 

Skyliners are currently sitting in 3rd place after the short program. (Credits: © Skate Austria / Theresa Marka) 

Participating in its first Junior Worlds, the U.S. Teams Elite skated its "Ouija Board" program. The Ouija is a board allowing communication with the spirits, hence the yellowish dresses with letters. The team skated a clean and energetic program, collecting 72.41 points. They finished 2nd after the short, just ahead of the Skyliners.

Team Zazous from France skated to "Come Fly With Me" by Ruelle. The last team of the evening skated with emotion and earned 45.88 points.

Teams Elite (USA) finished in second position with a season’s best score of 72.41. (Credits: © Skate Austria / Theresa Marka) 

Who are the participating teams?
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Results - TOP 3

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2022
Innsbruck (AUT)
MAR 17, 2022 - MAR 19, 2022

TEAM Score
1Team Fintastic (FIN)205.61
2Skyliners (USA)204.39
3Teams Elite (USA)204.11