A good form of exercise "that doesn’t impact the ankles"


Strict confinement is not in place everywhere. A synchro skater from Essex, England, has found a great alternative to continue training while ice rinks are actually closed in many countries: roller skating. Evangeline Perry shares her experience with us.

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Evangeline is 24 and skates with Team Magenta Senior who train in Cardiff, Wales.

With the spread of the coronavirus, what is the situation now in your country? 

"The United Kingdom has been on lockdown since Monday 22nd March however our rinks were starting to close the week before. All non essential travel has been stopped and we are only allowed outside for one form of daily exercise or to go to the supermarket and must stay 2meters apart at all times. 

This has made going to training sessions impossible especially as the majority of my team travel over 4 hours to get to practices and unfortunately, synchro practice is considered non essential (the Government's words not mine).

Our team has continued to training however using the video calling app Zoom, I am very thankful for our coach, ballet teacher and personal trainer for keeping us going by arranging regular sessions throughout the week and even a team synchro quiz night on Friday it really has helped keep everyone motivated and positive in these uncertain times." 


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Inline skating
"When I realized the ice rinks would be closed I remembered I had purchased some off ice skates a few years ago but never used them. I mounted them to an old pair of ice skating boots and took them to the local park a short walk from my house. I found that it is a good form of exercise that doesn’t impact your ankles as much as running on concrete does. It also allows you to keep up the muscle tone that being in the ice usually maintains."

For synchro skaters who would miss the ice too much, is it easy to do it? 

"It is similar to the ice but also very different, you still get the feeling of flying as you glide and the technique is the same however depending on the surface you skate on there is a lot more friction, think skating on blades that have been sharpened too deep. There are also bumps and stones to watch out for, and I learnt the hard way that concrete is a lot harder and more painful to fall on that ice."


Evangeline's skates are "from a company called Off Ice Skates but I also believe there is another brand called pic skates which are similar. They are designed to have a rocker to mimic being on the blade and have a rubber stop at the front to allow for steps and toe jumps".

Do you manage to practice all the common ice skating steps? 

"Depending on the surface it is possible to do all the same steps, turns, jumps and spins that you can do on the ice however you do need a flat polished stone floor for that. Personally I am just happy to keep up my leg strength, stamina and ability to express myself through skating whilst we eagerly await the rinks to open and our teams to be able to come back together."

"Stay safe, healthy and strong"
Evangeline is an example of creativity and positivism. However, the skater hopes that she and her team can quickly resume training. 

"I hope the synchro community, friend and family are able to stay safe, healthy and strong throughout these difficult times, support one another, spread positivity and I’m sure we’ll be back on the ice before we know it."

Evangeline Perry (GBR)

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Due to the spread of coronavirus, health rules and recommendations are not the same in all countries. For more information, refer to the measures set by your authorities. Indeed, what has been described above may not be allowed in your country. Follow the recommendations and take care of yourself!