Dunkin' on the 2020 US Championships


Miami University Senior (Credits: Leon Lurje Trophy - 2020)

Some of the best teams from the nation all gathered at the Dunkin Donuts Arena in Providence, Rhode Island for the 2020 US Synchronized Skating Championships. This competition is the final competition for many teams and it showcases the present and future of the sport in the United States.

Novices & Masters
Thursday the event started with the Novice Freeskate. This division continues to amaze many and prove how our sport is growing with the hopes of being named an Olympic sport soon.

Skyliners Black skated swiftly and smoothly to the pewter medal with a score of 76.82, Star Mates earned the bronze medal with their upbeat and jazzy program and a score of 77.96. Silver was claimed by Skyliners Blue with a score of 81.70, and gold was captured by Teams Elite with a score of 88.12.

As you can see the scores were very close, and with two Skyliners teams claiming top spots the division is growing and getting stronger. This is always an exciting division to watch. 

Followed by Novice was the Masters division, with Esprit de Corps claiming the gold (44.89), Allegro! Earning silver (42.54), DC Edge receiving the bronze (42.20), and pewter being taken home by Goldenettes (38.58). 

Junior Short Program
Starlights Junior (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2020)

Junior short was up next and this was one battle for the books. With the two Junior World teams being already named, the Championship was still up for grabs and everyone wanted it. The top six were teams to watch and teams that we had been watching all season already.

Lexettes were sitting in 6th place with a score of 54.85, they had a bit of a shaky start but were able to recover. Hockettes were in fifth with a score of 57.02, this team continues to impress many for their resilience and strength. They proved they are a team to watch for. Team Image was in fourth with a score of 59.75, this is the team’s second year in the division and they are improving every competition with such strength and speed. We can not wait to see where this team goes in years to come.

Teams Elite, one of the two named Junior World Teams was in third with a score of 61.62. Starlights were currently in second with a legacy to withhold and a score of 62.40. And the reigning junior champions and Junior World Team 1 (Skyliners) was in first with a score of 70.68.

It was still anyone’s game and Friday was going to be a strong battle for the podium spots. 

The Intermediate division is another division that is always entertaining to watch.

Starlights earned the pewter medal with their very creative program (52.82). Teams Elite grabbed the bronze with their energetic Queen program and a score of 65.01. Capital Ice Chips tugged on our hearts and tugged the silver medal with a score of 67.84. Ice Mates shined brightly on the world with their world themed program and score of 72.55. 

Senior Short Program
Senior short followed after a brief intermission, and this division is a serious business. Following the long, the world Senior teams are chosen so every team brings their A-game in hopes that they will be selected as one of the two.

Adrian College Varsity improves every year, and this year their fun and upbeat program kept the audience engaged and earned them a score of 61.62. Miami University Varsity followed suit with their emotional short and score of 64.49.

Crystallettes were sitting in third with their dramatic and crystal blue dresses and a score of 67.59. Skyliners were sitting in second with their sharp and fierce Warrior program and a score of 68.45. And last year’s National Champion, the Haydenettes were sitting in first with their emotional and jaw-dropping Celine Dion program and score of 73.68. 

Junior Free Program
Junior Long followed shortly after with an ice make and these teams wanted it just as bad. The energy in the arena was unmatched. The entire division was extremely competitive and the arena was almost filled. No one could leave even for the bathroom!

Team Image took sixth place with a total score of 162.62. Hockettes skated strong and earned a 169.27 in total. Pewter was claimed by Lexettes with their sharp free skate and a total score of 174.04.

Starlights skated gracefully and earned the bronze with a total score of 177.81. And Teams Elite and Skyliners took the top spots, with Teams Elite grabbing silver and a total score of 184.08 and Skyliners keeping their title of National Champions with a score of 200.51.

Another notable performance was from DC Edge who earned the Most Entertaining program of the night, which is given to a team based on the components. This team is improving every year and is a team to watch out for in the future. 

Juvenile, Adult & Collegiate
Saturday was the final day of the competition, and this day had four divisions competing, from the youngest of the national qualifying to some of the oldest.

First was the Juvenile division. Pewter was claimed by DC Edge with a score of 41.76. Bronze was grabbed with a score of 42.70 by Mini Mates. Silver was captured by the Skyliners and a score of 48.96. And Teams Elite cracked their way to the top with a score of 49.20.

Adult was after and this is always a great division to watch. Team Excel claimed the pewter medal (52.25), bronze was earned by California Gold (55.81), silver and a score of 55.92 was claimed by Crystallettes, and gold was claimed by Esprit de Corps with a score of 58.57. 

The Collegiate category was shortly after. This division is special for it gives skaters a chance to continue their love for the sport while studying and representing their college. The University of Delaware made the podium after a drought and scored 80.85. Miami University Varsity earned the bronze medal with a score of 92.81 with their energetic and upbeat Girl Gang program. Miami is a frequent podium placer. Adrian College broke school history by earning the silver medal and a score of 97.35 to their cute Aladin program. The University of Michigan won the entire division for the third time in four years with a score of 106.49 with its intricate and fun Beatles program. 

Senior Free Program
Senior Long concluded the Championships and this division was a long one with no ice make separating the five teams and their 4 minutes programs.

Adrian College Varsity kicked off the event with their Four Seasons program that takes you through every season in 4 minutes. They earned their season's best and a total score of 187.60.

Miami University Varsity followed after to their Rise program. Being the cleanest program of the night and as well as portraying an empowering message this team showed the nation how bad it wanted that World Team title. They earned a total score of 192.39 and the pewter medal.

Haydenettes followed after and with a couple falls that did not interrupt the program, their eye-catching and upbeat rock and roll program was one to watch, this helped them earn a total score of 203.19 and their 28th National Championship title.

Skyliners followed after and after being named World Team for the past two seasons they wanted it for a third. This team's Queen program portrays the true meaning of Freddie Mercury and makes you feel like you are at a Queen concert watching Freddie take the stage. They earned a score of 194.94.

Crystallettes skated last and they skated very strong and fiercely to their Black Widow themed program, their total score was very close to Skyliners by being separated by barely one point (193.09).

The Haydenettes were named Team USA 1 and the Skyliners were named Team USA 2 at the ISU World Championships 2020 in Lake Placid.

Overall this competition never fails at amazing the spectators who all come together to watch some of the nation's best-synchronized skating come together once a year.

Next year, the U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships will head to Las Vegas for the first time in event history. Over 1600 competitors from nearly 100 teams will compete there from 24 to 27 February 2021.

Results - TOP 3

U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships 2020
Providence, RI (USA)
FEB 26, 2020 - FEB 29, 2020

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)200.51
2Teams Elite (USA)184.08
3Starlights (USA)177.81

TEAM Score
1Haydenettes (USA)203.19
2Skyliners (USA)194.94
3Crystallettes (USA)193.09

TEAM Score
1University of Michigan SST (USA)106.49
2Adrian College Varsity (USA)97.35
3Miami University (USA)92.81

TEAM Score
1Ice Mates (USA)72.55
2Capital Ice Chips (USA)67.84
3Teams Elite (USA)65.01

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Teams Elite (USA)88.12
2Skyliners Blue (USA)81.70
3Star Mates (USA)77.96