USFSA Announces Team USA


Fifteen U.S. teams, like the Skyliners Junior here, will compete internationally this season. (Credits: Skyliners Junior - 2022)

Team USA has been solidified and features fifteen different teams across the Midwest and Eastern coast.

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U.S. Figure Skating recently announced the Team USA assignments for the 2022-23 season, which features a total of fifteen different teams across the Junior, Senior, and Elite 12 divisions. 

All five teams in the Senior division in the United States will have the opportunity to represent their country overseas, including first-year Teams Elite

Skyliners and Teams Elite will be the first Senior teams to hit the road in 2023. They will be traveling to Switzerland to compete at the Neuchatel Trophy

Teams Elite will continue their international travels by going to France for the French Cup from Feb. 3-4. 

Although the Haydenettes have already gone to Finland this year for the Finlandia Trophy, they will be also heading to Austria and Sweden for the Mozart Cup and Leon Lurje Trophy

Miami University will be joining the Haydenettes at the Mozart Cup from Jan. 19-21, but will also have the opportunity to compete at the Spring Cup in Milan, Italy a month later. Miami will be joining Skyliners at the competition. 

Adrian College Varsity also have the pleasure to travel oversees, going to Poland from Feb. 9-11 to the Hevelius Cup.


To begin the Junior international journey is Team Elite and Team Image, who will be joining Skyliners Senior and Teams Elite Senior at the Neuchatel Trophy in Switzerland from Jan. 13-15. 

In that same weekend, Starlights and DC EDGE will be in Great Britain for the Britannia Cup

The following weekend will bring in two other Junior teams to Europe: Skyliners and Lexettes for the Mozart Cup from Jan. 19-21.

Skyliners will continue to represent the United States the following weekend with Team Image at the Leon Lurje Trophy in Sweden. 

In February, DC EDGE will be joined alongside the Fond du Lac Blades at the French Cup during the first weekend in February. 

Then, the final two Junior teams will notch their first international competition this season. Northernettes and Starlights will be traveling to Poland for the Helvelius Cup from Feb. 9-11.

Finally, Teams Elite and Lexettes will head to Italy for the Spring Cup from Feb. 17-19.

Elite 12

Two Elite 12 teams join Team USA: a veteran and a new team. 
Both Hayden Select and Crystallettes will be traveling to the Mozart Cup in Austria alongside two Senior teams and two Junior teams. 

Hayden Select first debuted the new division to the states last season and even got to compete at the French Cup last season, where they won the division by nearly 22 points

Crystalettes, a long-time Senior team, has now transformed into the Elite 12 level and are ready to compete on an international stage. They have competed in two competitions thus far, including the Boston Classic, where they earned a combined score of 175.28.

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