Haydenettes soar at Britannia Cup after the short


The Haydenettes (USA) skated their emotional short program to Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back to Me". (Credits: Haydenettes - 2019)

Five Senior teams and nine Junior teams battled it out in the short programmes at the inaugural Britannia Cup on Saturday evening in Nottingham, England, the venue for the 2020 ISU Junior World Synchronized Skating Championships. This International and Club event also incorporates the British Synchronized Skating Championships and has attracted the majority of the teams in Britain along with a smattering of international teams. This evening showcased the Senior and Junior short programmes with teams from the USA commanding the highest scores.

Senior: The chants of U.S.A. filled the arena
The senior event was a hotly anticipated category and consisted of 5 teams from three different countries.

The stand out leader was Haydenettes from the USA who skated last and worked the crowd into a frenzy by simply stepping on the ice. The chants of U.S.A. filled the arena as they took their first positions. Then, as the first bar of Celine Dion sounded, they captured the audience and took them with them on a beautiful programme which earned them level 4s in the Travelling Circle, No Hold and steps. They scored a total of 71.57, setting them up well for tomorrow’s free programme.  

In second place was Adrian College Varsity from the USA who scored 52.67 points. They skated in bold, vibrant costumes to Ida Corr ‘Let me think about it’. It was very fast and feisty with sharp movements and lots of attitude. They scored level 4s in the No Hold and Intersection elements.

Third place went to Hot Shivers from Italy who scored 49.07 points in a dramatic programme themed around Gladiator. They showed plenty of attack and emotion throughout their performance although there were a couple of wobbles, including in the Moves Element.

In forth place was Icicles from GBR who skated to Survivor and scored 36.17 points. It was a solid performance, very sharp and fast. The defending British Champions will be looking to maintain their title tomorrow in the Free so will be pleased with the buffer their score gives them.

In fifth place was Zariba from GBR who scored 28.92 points. They skated to Praise You and executed a secure performance but were downgraded on their Pivot Block to a level Base. They will be looking to close the gap with Icicles tomorrow in the Free.

The USA took the lead in this category, with all their teams taking the top stops. In first place in the short was Skyliners from the USA who scored 63.87 points. Skating to Memory from Cats, they perfectly laced subtle characterisation with supreme skating, earning level 4s in three elements. 

Second place was Starlights from the USA who scored 55.51 points. With a crowd full of supporters who went wild when their name was called, they delivered a Cinderella themed programme in style, earning a level 4 in their Travelling Wheel.

Third place went to DC Edge from the USA who scored 51.52 points in purple ombre dresses skating to a Beatles cover in a soft, dreamy manner. They gained a level 4 in their Travelling Wheel.

Forth place went to Italy’s Hot Shivers who scored 45.91 skating a gentle programme to the Greatest Showman. The cannon was particularly pretty and they had a superb travelling wheel, earning a level 4.

The two British teams who are competing for the championship title are Solway Stars from Dumfries and Icicles from Nottingham who came 7th and 8th respectively. Solway Stars are currently in the lead and Icicles will need to make up 2.64 points to retain their championship title tomorrow in the Free.  

Results - TOP 3

Britannia Cup 2020
Nottingham (GBR)
JAN 11, 2020 - JAN 12, 2020

TEAM Score
1Haydenettes (USA)206.66
2Adrian College (USA)171.90
3Hot Shivers Senior (ITA)157.94

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)176.15
2Starlights (USA)168.77
3DC Edge (USA)150.89

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Diamond Edges (FIN)74.33
2Valley Bay Synchronics (FIN)74.23
3Ice Dreams (GBR)50.50

Senior B
TEAM Score
1Aura (GBR)50.23
2All Stars (GBR)42.66

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Ice Unite (GBR)45.22
2Gosport Allstars (GBR)44.25
3Solway Eclipse (GBR)42.48