Boston Synchro Classic: an electrifying event


Skyliners Junior in their new short program “Twisted Firebird”. (Credits: Skyliners 2023)

As the 2024 international season starts to get underway, the 2023 Boston Synchro Classic this weekend was a pivotal competition for the U.S. Junior, Senior, and Elite 12 divisions. Based on the results of this competition, the USFS federation will determine Team USA assignments for the second half of the season. Skating under immense pressure, all three qualifying divisions competed for their shot at international selection.

Every year, at the start of the season, the 2023 Boston Synchronized Skating Classic is a major event for US synchro teams. Dozens of teams compete in nearly twenty divisions.

Let's take a look at the Senior ISU, Junior ISU and Elite 12 categories. 

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Senior ISU
Three Senior teams presented their new programs. The Haydenettes remained dominant in U.S. synchro and are in good position for the international selection season. The team looked calm and confident and got 212.04 in total.

Skyliners delivered two strong performances and finished 2nd. The team from New York is in good shape for the international selection season. Their total score: 196.75.Adrian College earned the bronze with 145.73. The team experienced a few problems in Boston last weekend, a fall in the short program and a few negative GOEs. 

Note that Miami University was absent for this competition, but based off of their results from the US Fall Classic, they are in a good position to qualify for high level international competitions.

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Junior ISU
In the Junior category, 9 teams competed and the scores were very close in the short program. It was only in the long programs that the teams stood out.

Teams Elite won the competition with a clear lead. The team performed a stunning long program, nearly flawless technically and artistically. After being left off the world team last season, Teams Elite has proven that they deserve to compete with the best at just their second competition of the season. They got a monster score of 192.68.

The Skyliners finished 2nd with 179.71. With an uncharacteristic short program, Skyliners ended the first day at 65.73 with their vibrant remix of "Firebird". The 2023 World Bronze medalists suffered a fall in the twizzles, and their intersection was called at a level three. The team recovered nicely with the free skate.

Team Image finished 3rd with (176.04) with an amazing free skate. The skaters were rallying as much as the crowd. The pewter medal (4th place) went to the Northernettes, who presented two great skates. The free program was particularly excellent. The team earned a whopping score of 111.07 - large improvement from last season's long program score of 97.86. Second 4th place of the season, the Northernettes showed great prowess and stability for international selection.

Elite 12
Two teams competed in the Elite 12 division. Boston's Hayden Select posted the best score, totaling 154.63 following its two programs. The Ann Arbor Hockettes finished 2nd with a total of 140.87. 

Text: Olivia Rush & Jura Synchro