A synchro weekend in Novouralsk


Russian teams competed in their second national competition. 

The second stage of Cup of Russia took place this weekend in Novouralsk. More than 30 teams from different cities in Russia competed in 4 categories: Basic Novice, Advanced Novice, Junior and Senior. The level of each team grows extremely fast from year to year. Most of the teams tried to achieve the highest levels, but only the best reached them.

Junost in gold in the Novice divisions
In the Novice categories, the winners are from Yekaterinburg.

Indeed, Junost - PreNovices won the gold medal in the Basic Novice division. The team presented a clean program and earned 47.50 points. Zvezda from Chelyabinsk skated an energetic program called «Venus» by Seduced and took second place (38.27). The third place went to a new team from Saint-Petersburg. Team Mistral skated a good lyrical program, but unfortunately, they had some deductions (35.55).

In the Novice category, Junost took also the first place (76.75) with their bright french story: "Pardonne-moi ce caprice d’enfant" by Mireille Mathieu. The team from Moscow Team Ice Fantasy earned 73.75 points and took second place. The team skated an exciting program to the music from movie «Moana» (Russian version) but little mistakes didn't let them get higher on the podium. Team Fleur de Lis from Gubkin claimed the bronze thanks to an oriental program and very colorful costumes.

Crystal Ice Junior finished first
With many competing teams, the Junior category was a really interesting event to follow. The reigning World Junior champions Junost from Yekaterinburg competed with silver World Medalists Crystal Ice Junior from Moscow.

After the first competition day, team Crystal Ice Junior picked up the gold after a powerful and classical waltz (76.90). The lyrical program and flow skating of team Junost gave them second place in the short program with 76.39 points. Team Idel from Kazan stood in third place after the short program (66.45).

After the second day, the places on the podium didn't change. The Schindler's list program performed by Crystal Ice brought them 136.21, and 213.11 points in total. Team Junost performed their classical Scheherazade and earned 132.00 (total: 208.39). It’s interesting to note that Crystal Ice Junior and Junost had both a deduction for the intersection (angled), but Junost achieved all the highest levels in the free program and Crystal Ice Junior didn't reach level 4 for Pivot Block. Idel from Kazan skated an interesting free program with good speed and difficult transitions. They earned 116.33 for the free program and 182.78 in total.

Senior: Crystal Ice and Team Orlenok
Two teams competed in the Senior category.

The team from Moscow Crystal Ice confidently led during the two competition days. In the short program, they earned 71.29 points. The free program wasn't clean, some levels haven't achieved in the program, but the performance was strong and modern. They earned for both programs a total of 215.32. Team Orlenok from Perm had a good and motivated beginning of the season. They scored 138.42 for both programs (39.05 and 99.37).

Results - TOP 3

Second stage of the Russian Cup 2019
Novouralsk (RUS)
NOV 28, 2019 - NOV 30, 2019

TEAM Score
1Crystal Ice (RUS)213.11
2Junost (RUS)208.39
3Idel (RUS)182.78

TEAM Score
1Crystal Ice (RUS)215.32
2Team Orlenok (RUS)138.42

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Junost (RUS)76.75
2Team Ice Fantasy (RUS)73.75
3Fleur de Lys (RUS)64.35