A major synchro competition in a country in lockdown


The absence of spectators in the stands did not spoil the atmosphere of the Lumière Cup.

Although the Netherlands are in lockdown, the 5th Lumière Cup started on Friday in Eindhoven. A relief for the organizers who are setting up for the first time a Challenger Series competition.

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Despite last-minute changes and adaptations due to the lockdown, such as the draw ceremony for the starting order being online and extra moments to ventilate, disinfect and clean the warm-up areas and dressing rooms, the second event of the Challenger Series has begun, and that's good news. The event started on Friday with the junior and senior short programs.

The president of the organizing committee, Ellie van Soest, said that they were hoping to organize a great event for the 5th anniversary of the competition. Nevertheless, they are happy that the competition could be maintained thanks to the collaboration of the KNSB (national figure skating association) and the NOC*NSF (the umbrella organization for sports in The Netherlands). The venue, IJssportcentrum Eindhoven and the event are now considered as "professional competition". The sports and competitions that have obtained this label can be held despite the confinement.

Ellie van Soest: "After a very long time without any competitions for many teams, it is very important for us as an organization to hold this event, but also for the teams and the sport. After a hard time like this, it is important to compete in international competitions and get the feeling of competing again."

Clean and confident short programs
With sadly many cancellations and withdraws from several teams in the last few days, there were still six juniors and five senior teams who skated their short program on Friday.
None of the teams made big mistakes or fell in their short program.

Like last week at the Hevelius Cup in Gdansk, Poland, Team Crystal Ice junior from Russia finished first after their short program, receiving 71.97 points. The moves element was particularly fabulous and got a +5 GEO from one of the judges. 

Team Image Junior from the United States, finished in second place with 59.63 points. They used their music very well and managed to keep nice lines in their No Hold Element.

Team Cool Dreams (SUI) sits in 3rd place, scoring 43.77 points. This was an excellent comeback for this team, who had their last international competition back in 2019 at the Junior World Synchronized Skating Championships, where they finished with an impressive 10th place.

Attending their 2nd Challenger Series event of 2022, Team Le Soleil (POL) improved its Personal Best score for the short program by 3 points. They are currently in 4th place with a score of 38,90 points.

Team Starlight Junior (SUI) is not far behind and is currently 5th, and the team Les Zazous (FRA) placed 6th after the short program.

Team Paradise and Team Crystal Ice, the Seniors' leaders
Tomorrow's competition will be exciting with less than 3.5 points between the two Russian teams! Both Team Paradise and Team Crystal Ice can finish the event with the gold medal.

Team Paradise missed a level on their Pivoting Block but had a powerful program with a great interpretation of the music. They scored 80.09 after the short program.

Team Crystal Ice Senior had a very good skate and a Pivoting Block with a lot of speed, which was rewarded by the panel with a level 4 (score: 76.67).

Les Zoulous from France skated their "Feel the sound of Africa" program without any major mistakes and are currently in 3rd place with 55.10 points.

Team Skating Graces (GER) is 4th and Team Ice United (NED) is 5th. 

Although there was no public allowed in the stands due to Covid-19, the atmosphere in the arena was great. After their short programs, the junior teams stayed to cheer on the senior teams.

The first day of the Lumière Cup was well organized. The organizing committee showed that they could manage a safe event by doing everything within their power to keep the skaters, staff and judges safe.

Facemasks are required, the whole venue has a one-way walking direction, and each team has their designated place in the stands.

The second day of the Lumière Cup will start on Saturday at 15:56 hour (Eindhoven time) with the junior free programs.

Results - TOP 3

Lumière Cup 2022
Eindhoven (NED)
JAN 13, 2022 - JAN 16, 2022

TEAM Score
1Crystal Ice (RUS)206.15
2Team Image (USA)166.48
3Cool Dreams (SUI)123.59

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)226.55
2Crystal Ice (RUS)208.61
3Zoulous (FRA)154.81