Jura Synchro: Holidays are behind us!


Jura Synchro is the world's largest online media for synchronized skating. This Sunday, we will present you its third version. / Credits: Jura Synchro 2018

For many teams, the new season often means new music, new costumes and of course new programs. This year, Jura Synchro does the same. For the 2018/2019 season, we offer you a brand new website that will be unveiled this Sunday.

Following an online survey, it was clear that was becoming old. It was, therefore, necessary to react and for several months, a new website is in preparation. The content will be better highlighted while being better adapted to smartphones.

The same editorial line

The goal of Jura Synchro will remain the same: publishing news about the sport and following the synchro actuality in a maximum of countries. We'll set ourselves as additional goals to talk more about small teams and countries emerging in the world of synchro. News about Mexico, New Zealand or Costa Rica were some examples this summer. We will also continue to promote the sport to people who do not know yet this discipline of skating through advertising on social networks or via search engines.

More content!

You know that well: in synchronized skating, changing dresses is good... but you must also change the program to move forward. In addition to a new design, Jura Synchro will add more content that you will discover on Sunday. The reports and the SynchroBook will obviously always be present, just like the photos and the calendar.

For this version 3.0 of Jura Synchro, we also tried to create more links. News, results, teams... everything will be combined! If you're a fan of synchro or looking for information, it should be much easier in the future to find it.

Upcoming developments

This new evolution of the website will also make it easier to integrate new functionalities so that the community can itself interact on Jura Synchro.

We hope that you will enjoy this new Jura Synchro and that this new website will meet all your expectations. 

Before concluding, remember that this media would not exist without the precious help of our correspondents, photographers, and correctors. All are volunteers and their number is constantly growing. A huge THANK YOU!

Be there on Sunday to discover "our new dresses" and to start together this new season!