Cup of Berlin: Finland and the USA collected the medals


One of the first international competitions of the season took place this weekend in Germany. The Berlin Cup featured Junior and Senior teams from across Europe and USA. Finland and the United States of America have each won 3 medals.

The Junior division kicked off the competition Saturday afternoon with the free program event.

Skyliners from New York took the gold this year with a total of 150,44 points. This American team skate to « The Last of the Mohicans » in shiny red dresses. Dream Edges maintain their 2nd place after the free program. This talented Finnish team skated with speed and high precision, receiving a total of 133,77 points. The bronze medalist of this competition was Valley Bay Synchro from Finland. The skaters presented a pretty free program to Barbara Streisand’s songs (total score: 122,91 points).

After a creative free program to Jungle Book’s theme, Team Berlin Juniors finished at the 4th place. This German team, who was 6th after the short, received 68,27 points for their free. Hot Shivers placed finally 5th. The Italian skate to Sherlock Holmes theme in elegant dresses (score for the free program: 62,49 points). The deception of the day may be for the young team Ice Infinity. This Finnish team, who was 4th after the short, received for their free 60,22 points.

Team Jeanne D’Arc from France maintained its 7th place after a classical free program. Team Darlings continued to impress the public and the judges with creative and speedy free program. Team Cool Dreams from Switzerland played the Super Mario girls and earned a total of 55,93 points.

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The competition was fully in action in Saturday evening with Senior free skate.

The famous Marigold IceUnity from Finland did the best score with the free program. The team skated to a classical piece of music. Dressed in blue and white, Marigold IceUnity did a very expressive performance, receiving a total of 128,04 points for the free. Haydenettes maintained their silver medal with an impressive and energetic program. This experienced team from the USA did a score of 124,78 points on Saturday. The bronze medal was also for an American team: Crystallettes from Dearborn skated a magical program to The Sorcerer's Apprentice (score for the free: 108,48 points).

They did their best to finished on the podium on their home arena but skaters from Team Berlin 1 had to settle for the 4th place in Berlin. The team presented on Saturday a free program full of precision and high skills for a total of 101,39 points. At the 5th place, Team Olympia from the Czech Republic who skated to the Beatles songs. They get for this clean and refreshing program a total of 78,79 points.

Cool Dreams Seniors from Switzerland who skated a rock and roll free program. With several falls, they finished 6th (score for the free: 66,13 points). Representing Netherlands, Team Ice United placed 7th after a clean program. They get a total of 62,23 points for the free. Team Spirit from Great Britain finished 8th in Berlin this year (score for the free: 42,28 points).

Results - TOP 3

Cup of Berlin 2017
Berlin (GER)
JAN 06, 2017 - JAN 07, 2017

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1United Angels (GER)38.90
2New Horizons (GER)31.55

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Finettes (FIN)56.00
2Hot Shivers Novice (ITA)43.31
3Team Berlin Novice (GER)43.03

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)150.44
2Dream Edges (FIN)133.77
3Valley Bay Synchro (FIN)122.91

TEAM Score
1Marigold IceUnity (FIN)195.11
2Haydenettes (USA)188.08
3Crystallettes (USA)166.70