A first day full of surprises at Junior Worlds!


Les Suprêmes skated their short program to Carmen. (Credits: Ice Galaxy - 2023)

The 2023 World Junior Championships have started in Angers, France. Twenty-three teams from nineteen nations skated their short program. Three countries are represented on the podium after the first day.

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They jumped for joy when they discovered their score. Les Supremes Junior, representing Canada, finished first in the competition on Friday night. Thanks to their powerful short program to Carmen, the Quebec team created the surprise by winning the short program event (70.92).

Skyliners Junior is currently in 2nd place with one point behind the Canadians. Josh Babb's American team performed very emotionally in pale pink dresses. Having the same technical base as Les Suprêmes, they finished with the best technical score of the evening (37.33 for a total of 69.40).

Skating last, the reigning World Champions, Team Fintastic is currently in 3rd place with 67.18. The Finnish team presented a clean program but seemed to not get all the technical levels in their Pivot Block, which impacted their final score. 

Jingu Ice Messengers dazzled the fans and the judges with its first participation at the Worlds. (Credits: Roy Ng Photography - 2023)

Seven countries in the top 10
Nexxice Junior, the 2023 Canadian Champions, is currently in 4th place after a two-point deduction for two falls (66.12). The scores are still close with Dream Edges, the other Finnish team finishing 5th with 65.25, and the Lexettes (USA) placing 6th with a total of 60.44. These teams will fight on Saturday for a place on the podium. 

The top 10 is also composed of the Italian team Hot Shivers, followed by the Swiss Cool Dreams, the Swedish Team Spirit and Ice Fire Junior from Poland. 

Nine teams within 2 points of each other!
Thanks to its excellent performance to "The Incredibles", Jingu Ice Messengers is provisionally ranked 11th. A great result for their first participation in the Worlds. Team Harmonia is not far behind (2 points). 

Then, the ranking is extremely tight as there is only 2,11 points difference between the 13th and 21st place!

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Team Berlin Junior skated their revisited version of "Oops!... I Did It Again". Black Diam's from France skated its program to Queen in front of its public, obtaining its best score of the season. Team Mirum (ESP) is just behind in 15th position. 

With six points deducted for falls, Team Seaside was not lucky on Friday night. The skaters will do everything they can to move up in the rankings on Saturday. Team Solway Stars (GBR) also had a fall but skated with style like in a dream, finishing 17th. In blue suits, Team Illuminettes (NED) is currently in 18th position, followed by Austria's Colibris Vienna and Australia's Majestic Ice

The Hungary team UTE took the 21st place with their Schindler's List program. Team Zagreb Snowflakes from Croatia is 22nd after its performance to Elvis and Team Vizyon from Turkey is 23rd.

Tomorrow's competition will be very exciting. The free programs will start at 2:30 pm, French time. 

Results - TOP 3

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2023
Angers (FRA)
MAR 10, 2023 - MAR 11, 2023

TEAM Score
1Team Fintastic (FIN)191.72
2Nexxice (CAN)188.65
3Skyliners (USA)186.63