With two programs already finished, they are ready for the new season


Team Vyzion Junior on the ice last season.

Training in Ankara, Turkey, the Vizyon junior team is ready for the new season. The Turkish champions have just completed two training camps.

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How is the junior Team Vizyon doing? 

Team Vizon Junior started to compete for the first time in the 2022-2023 season. The team placed first in the 2023 Nationals and qualified for the World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2023 in Angers, France.

Competing for the first time in the Junior Worlds, our team surpassed the National Championship point in technical score and took 23rd place with a total score of 72,13. We organized two summer camps in June and July to prepare for the new season. We have completed our short and free programs. For free program choreography, we attended national team camp with former Nexxice skater, 2015 World Champion choreographer and coach Victoria Smith. We are super excited for the season of 2023/2024.

How many skaters do you have for the 23/24 season, and who are the coaches? 

We have 22 athletes on the team, and 18 are skaters who competed at Jr. Worlds last season. We have five coaches in our coaching team. Our head coach is Bükre Ertürk, and we also have the former Vizyon Senior skaters Okan Hatipoglu and Mina Gökgündüz and former Junior Worlds competitors Sena Oz and Asli Sen.

More generally, how is synchro skating in Türkiye? 

Around 15 teams totally for all categories competed at the last nationals, whereas this number was over 20 before the pandemic. We can say that the biggest competition is in the Junior stage. Unfortunately, we have witnessed a drop in the quality of competitive skating in the Senior category. What is pleasing is that the number of skaters in categories such as Pre-juvenile and Juvenile is high, and these athletes will be potential athletes for teams that can compete internationally.

You talked about the Senior division... there also be a Vyzion Senior team this year?

Team Vizyon Senior last competed in the World Championship 2022 in Hamilton, Canada. The team has taken a break from its competitive life and is currently not competing at the Senior level. Who knows, one day, our athletes who are experienced in our Junior team may appear as Vizyon Seniors :)


What are your goals for the coming season? 

We have already created two new programs for the new season that we love very much. We want to present our programs in the cleanest way in every competition we participate in during the season. Of course, like every synchronized team worldwide, our primary goal is to qualify for the World Championships. If financially possible, we also want to have experience in an international competition.