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Champions put their trust in those skates


Riedell Skates is one of the most prestigious brands in the skating world. Let's discover what makes this company so famous and what they offer for synchro skaters.

Since the beginning, Riedell Skates have been handcrafted in the small town of Red Wing, MN, United States. The company was started by Paul Riedell, who previously worked for a shoe factory.

(Credits: Riedell Skates)

His expertise in footwear and commitment to quality craftsmanship continues to be part of the Riedell mission and vision to this day. "The people in our manufacturing plant take pride in continuing to make quality skates by hand," said Elizabeth Thornton, Sales and Marketing Director.


What also makes the company so unique is that Riedell’s history is steeped in creating skates for all levels of skaters, from grassroots to elite. Skaters can start in a Riedell boot from their very first steps on the ice and continue in Riedell skates as they reach their Olympic dreams. "We have a wonderful network of Team Riedell skaters from all types of backgrounds, all over the world."

"Skating is creative, and your skates should be too!"
Riedell is also specialized in roller skating. During COVID, the company saw a sharp increase in roller skate sales as people were looking for outdoor activities. "Roller is still a large part of our business as we produce roller skates for artistic roller skating, roller derby, roller rentals, and more."

In addition, the famous brand is excited to offer creative custom skates. The goal is to help skaters show their personality through skate design. "Skating is creative, and your skates should be too! Beyond a leather color change, we can also do cut-outs and embroidery. If you can dream it, we can build it!"


Which boot(s) and blades for synchro?
Riedell has many skates that work great for synchro, and they even have a synchro-specific boot. "Our synchro boot offers a cushioned backstay collar to aid in full extension and toe-pointing, while still retaining the support needed for jumps, spins, and footwork. The Eclipse Quantum blade features a lightweight aluminum holder with a permanently affixed stainless steel runner. This provides the advantage of a lightweight blade with the strength needed for versatile freeskate movements." 

The Eclipse Dance blade is a great choice for synchro skating as well. The slim-line edge design and shorter tail is perfect for skaters looking for maneuverability in fast and precise footwork.

Collaborations with synchro teams
"Currently we do a yearly skate fitting with Miami University synchronized skating teams, and we have a sponsorship with the Helsinki Rockettes, three-time World Champions. Each and every skater on the Rockettes wears Riedells because we are able to offer something for all kinds of feet. We are happy to work with any other synchro programs that are interested to offer fittings and provide boot recommendations."

Please contact Elizabeth ( to set up a fitting event for your synchro program.


Learn more about Riedell and its quality skating products on the official website.