Skating to communicate a message, the new trend among teams


Les Zoulous from France skated a program on deafness last season. (Credits: Sean McKinnon - 2022)

More and more teams (and their coaches) are choosing to engage with a theme. Whether it is climate, disability or disease, the chosen topic is fully embraced by the athletes on the ice.

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The off-season is always a moment where teams learn new programs and work on themes to convey emotions or a story on the ice.

Here are 4 teams that have chosen a strong theme in recent seasons.

Les Zoulous: "Can You Hear Me?"
During the 2021/2022 season, the French senior team has decided to tell the story of a deaf woman in its free program. She asks for help, but no one seems to understand her. Then, someone comes to help her. Little by little, the others learn to sign and understand her. In the end, the group is united and shows the importance of an inclusive world," says the team.

The "Can You Hear Me" program conveys strong cohesion, complicity, and trust values. One of the team's skaters designed the logo for this program.

Team Surprise: "Earth Hour"
In early 2018, the famous Swedish team Team Surprise also skated a very committed program on "Mother Nature". "We have decided to use our art to spread our message and advocate for environmental preservation," explained the team who participated in a fundraiser for WWF.

Skated for the last time in the huge Ericsson Globe in Stockholm at Worlds (see the results), this free program left a deep impression on fans worldwide. It was also the final program of Team Surprise before it was disbanded.

Team Surprise from Sweden at Worlds in 2018. (Credits: Navaz Sumar Photography - 2018)

Les Suprêmes: "Unsustainable"
"Our long program is a crucial message for the environment: time, life, science, economy... the world is going fast, and resources are running out," said Laurie Désilets, Les Suprêmes Seniors team captain at the beginning of the 2019/2020 season. 

In this committed program, the Quebec team's goal was to send a message of warning about global warming, before it becomes "Unsustainable".

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Icicles Senior: "The Fight"
Also in 2019/2020, the British team Icicles skated a powerful short program called "The Fight". This moving performance was dedicated to all the people fighting against cancer. 

"One of our managers began her battle with cancer earlier in the year. She has been so brave, strong, and positive throughout it all. After major surgery, we are filled with joy to say that she has now WON her battle with cancer. She has, and is an inspiration to all of us", said the team. Several teams have chosen this meaningful theme for their programs in recent years and have each, in their own way, conveyed their message of hope and strength.