How TikTok highlights synchronized skating


Team Darlings' (CZE) short program is one of the most-watched synchro videos on TikTok with almost 180K views. (Credits: Ru-Pho - 2021)

There are more and more synchronized skating videos on TikTok. Famous synchro teams create accounts and share their daily lives and training.

TikTok - known as Douyin in China - is an app for making and sharing short videos.

Users have all kinds of tools, such as filters and popular sounds, to create their content. But TikTok is mostly used for its various challenges, jokes, or dance memes. That's probably why synchro skaters love it so much.

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More and more synchro teams are joining TikTok and entertaining their fans.

One of the most popular teams at the moment is undoubtedly the Team Unique. The Finnish senior skaters, winners of the Challenger Series in 2020, started their TikTok adventure a year ago and now have more than 1,2 K subscribers.

Their videos, always very creative and well done, are always a great success. Look for example at like this one:


New year, new sport😉 ##ballislife ##2021

♬ Get Cha Head In The Game (Cantato) - Duck Gang

While many teams, such as Team Fusion in Spain, Skyliners and Haydenettes (USA) or even the Helsinki Rockettes from Finland make their debut on TikTok, others have made a habit of posting new videos very regularly.

Team Paradise (RUS), for example, unveils original videos several times a month. Costumes, off-ice training, challenges or even juggling... Every idea is good!

The incredible success of this video
Also in Russia, a synchro skater from Kazan breaks all records with a synchronized skating video seen over 1.4 million times and loved by more than 307 K! There it is:


Посмотри, не пожалеешь🔥⭐️ ##figureskating ##sport ##tiktoksport ##зимниевидыспорта ##synchroskating ##фигурноекатание ##рек ##рекомендации ##хочуврек

♬ оригинальный звук - denisova.18

Synchronized skating teams around the world have fun on TikTok, and that's a good sign. This will indeed make it possible to make known and popularize even more our discipline of skating.

Although great synchronized skating teams are still missing, the sport continues to grow and to be seen by more and more people. The #synchroskating hashtag for example already has 3.6 million views!

More than 3 K subscribers!
For the past few months, Jura Synchro (@jurasynchro) has also been on TikTok with an account that has just exceeded 3,000 subscribers! Join the channel!