Mozart Cup 2023: Big battle for Medals


Team Skyliners Junior skated to podium top. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

On the second day of Mozart Cup 2023, teams in the Advanced Novice, Junior and Senior categories fought hard for the podium top. It was particularly tense for the top Junior and Senior teams who scored closely to each other after the Short Program.

In the Advanced Novice category, although Team Dynamique (68.69) of Finland had falls, they still managed to edge out the runner-up Team Kometa of the Czech Republic (68.17) by a small margin. Both teams delivered their programs with power and speed and spectators were delightfully impressed by their level of skating. Cool Dreams Novice from Switzerland placed 3rd.

Seven teams in total competed in this division.

Team Dynamique is the Advanced Novice category winner. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

ADV picture
The intense competition of the Elite 12 category continued especially for the Finnish team Lumineers (total: 187.89) and the U.S. team Hayden Select (total: 185.23). Both teams delivered their programs without major errors but Lumineers’ elements were called at higher levels.

The bronze winner Team Crystallettes (total: 173.10) also delivered a delightful program but unfortunately one of their group lift groups could not lift the skater successfully.

Lumineers lifted up high. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

Equally exciting was the Junior category and the podium top was the fight between the USA and Finland. The top four teams scored within 116.58 to 117.83 for their Free Skate. 

Winner Team Skyliners Junior (total: 186.11) had a fall at whip intersection, but benefiting from the slight lead of Short Program, they were able to keep the gold medal. Despite fierce challenges from Team Mystique and Team Lexettes, who both did well in the Free Skate, Musketeers (total: 183.67) managed to take a silver medal. The Bronze medal went to Team Mystique Junior (total: 183.30).

Skyliners Junior executing an intersection. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

ADV picture

Team Musketeers Junior performing their free skate. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

Last but not the least is the Senior category where 16 teams competed head on. Canadian champion Nexxice (total: 222.13) demonstrated their powerful skate through elegance even after a fall, and secured a gold medal in Salzburg.

Team Haydenettes (total: 217.81) had a tight race with Dream Edges Senior (total: 217.00). Although the Finns were technically more advanced, judges gave high program component scores to the Americans.

Nexxice and their free program "El Mar Mediterrani". (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

Haydenettes lifting up to silver medal. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

The excitement in Salzburg did not end with the conclusion of Mozart Cup 2023.  On 22 January 2023, the Amadécup will be held, and we will see 47 teams (yes, 47 teams!) in Pre-juvenile, Juvenile, Adult, Non-ISU Basic Novice and Mixed Age.

Since 22 January 2023 marks the beginning of the Chinese new year of rabbit, let’s wish all skaters and readers of Jura Synchro many happy hops and healthy bodies and minds year long.

Results - TOP 3

Mozart Cup 2023
Salzburg (AUT)
JAN 19, 2023 - JAN 21, 2023

TEAM Score
1Nexxice (CAN)222.13
2Haydenettes (USA)217.81
3Dream Edges (FIN)217.00

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)186.11
2Musketeers (FIN)183.67
3Team Mystique (FIN)183.30

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Dynamique (FIN)68.69
2Kometa (CZE)68.17
3Cool Dreams (SUI)60.77

Elite 12
TEAM Score
1Lumineers (FIN)187.89
2Hayden Select (USA)185.23
3Crystallettes (USA)173.10