• Correspondent and photographer | Hong Kong

    Roy Ng

    I am just a recreational skater who can't even properly stop on ice! My first trip to World Championship 2016 was fantastic and I became a synchro fan since then. I enjoy travelling and taking photos along my trips. If not traveling I am probably either working hard, studying something, meeting friends or plane spotting. Work hard play hard I believe!

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    A great inspiration and something I am eager to share with my friends. —  Roy Ng


News by Roy Ng

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    Synchro Unfolded At Korean National

    Synchronized skating event of the 99th National Winter Game Figure Skating Competition of South Korea took place on 13 Jan 2018 in Taereung Indoor Icefield of Seoul. Read more to discover what is happening in the synchro scene of Fast East.