A new boost for non-ISU teams


Team Snowflakes won the Mixed Age division.

Besides the ISU Junior and Senior competitions, about 15 teams competed at the Neuchâtel Trophy 2022 in the categories Advanced Novice, Juvenile, Basic Novice, Junior B and Mixed Age.

ADV picture
After almost two years without major competition, the Neuchâtel Trophy 2022 offered several non-ISU teams the opportunity to compete again in an international event. 

Mixed Age
The Mixed Age category was the division that gathered most teams. The victory went to the Snowflakes team from Switzerland, who won the competition with 53.66. Skating with 12 skaters, the team showed great energy but had some problems at the whip intersection. The choreography at the beginning of the program was particularly innovative.

Skating in their own rink, team United Blades from Neuchâtel (SUI) finished 2nd with 46.25 points and a clean performance on catchy beats. 

The podium was 100% Swiss as the team Ice Storms finished 3rd. In red dresses, the team totalled 38.63 points. 

Team In-Sync from South Africa.

Having travelled from South Africa, Team In-Sync made of sixteen skaters finished 4th with 36.92 points. 

Skating to the music of Abba, Team Magic from Hungary skated with passion and energy but was penalized by several falls during the performance, which caused them to lose points. 6th, Team Bernettes (SUI) also suffered a bad fall in the Pivot Block. 

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Junior B
The Junior B category had two teams. This division allows junior age teams to compete with only a free program. 

Team Berlin Juniors from Germany achieved the best score (60.67) by presenting their new program (and new dresses). The team had some difficulties in the first intersection and the No Hold Block but skated a lovely artistic line.

The young team Team Emerald from Basel in Switzerland also presented their work on Saturday. Skating in beautiful glittering dresses, the team had two falls in the middle of the program, but they certainly have a place to take in the junior category. 

Team Emerald from Basel, Switzerland

Advanced Novice
Two Swiss teams competed on Friday in this category. 

Cool Dreams Novice from Burgdorf finished first with ten points ahead of their compatriots from Zurich. Totalling 59.93, Cool Dreams Novice started strong with a level 4 element and then a nice artistic line. Starlight Novice skated a "fairy-themed" program in green dresses, totalling 49.39 points. 

Basic Novice & Juvenile
The youngest skaters also had their place at the Neuchâtel Trophy. 

Ice Flowers (SUI) won the Basic Novice competition with 30.62 points, Team Ute from Hungary finished 2nd despite the Block Pivot element not counting (28.19), and Team Ruby (SUI) finished 3rd (22.14).

In the Juvenile category, gold went to Team Le Soleil (POL) with a score of 37.73, Team Ute (HUN) took silver (28.56), and Cool Dreams Juvenile from Switzerland won bronze with 18.84.

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Results - TOP 3

Neuchâtel Trophy 2022
Neuchâtel (SUI)
FEB 10, 2022 - FEB 12, 2022

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Snowflakes (SUI)53.66
2United Blades (SUI)46.25
3Ice Storms (SUI)38.63

Junior B
TEAM Score
1Team Berlin (GER)60.67
2Team Emerald (SUI)50.15

TEAM Score
1Musketeers (FIN)201.82
2Northernettes (USA)173.30
3Starlights (USA)158.83

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)234.42
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)230.54
3Team Unique (FIN)225.06